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Prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children—A review with recent updates

GUO Yan,WU Xiao-yan,XIONG Wei,HUI Chang-ye   

  1. Shenzhen Prevention and Treatment Center for Occupational Disease,Shenzhen,Guangdong 518020,China
  • Received:2016-04-28 Online:2017-04-10 Published:2017-04-10
  • Contact: HUI Chang-ye,



  1. 深圳市职业病防治院,广东 深圳 518020
  • 通讯作者: 惠长野,
  • 作者简介:郭妍(1977-),女,湖南人,博士研究生,主要研究方向为无机毒物中毒的新型防治技术。
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Abstract: Lead,a systemic toxicant,primarily affects the central nervous system,particularly the developing brain.There is not a safe level of lead exposure for children,the intervention level is often interpreted as a threshold.Children lead poisoning has become a public health problem of global magnitude and concern.The prevalence and severity of childhood lead poisoning have been greatly reduced since the removal of lead from environment in China recently.Primary prevention consists of health education and avoidance of lead-contaminated products,and chelation therapy with necessary.Metal-chelating agent has been used for many years,but the potential risks of administration chelator to children exist.Oral exposure represents the most significant route of lead intake for children.Blocking the intestinal absorption of lead will be one of new measures for prevention and treatment of lead poisoning in children.

Key words: lead poisoning in children, lead exposure, chelation treatment, lead elimination by the digestive system

摘要: 铅是一种多亲和性毒物,主要损害中枢神经系统,尤其是发育中的大脑。儿童血铅目前公认没有安全阈值,血铅水平仅用于界定是否需要实施干预措施。儿童铅中毒已成为一个全球性的公共安全问题。随着我国近年来对环境铅污染的治理,儿童铅中毒防治取得了实质性进步。儿童铅中毒重在预防,健康教育和减少铅暴露机会为主,排铅治疗为辅。驱铅主要药物目前仍是沿用了数十年的金属络合剂,儿童用药安全性尚存争议。经口暴露作为儿童铅摄入的主要途径,阻断铅消化道吸收有望成为儿童铅中毒防治的新举措之一。

关键词: 儿童铅中毒, 铅暴露, 螯合治疗, 消化道驱铅

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