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Research on the combination of nurturing care by medical, nursing, education and family parenting in promoting the development of high-risk premature infants

WANG Cheng-qun, XU Hai-qing, WANG Hong, YUAN Li, ZHOU Ai-qin, LI Ming-hui   

  1. Department of Child Health, Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Wuhan, Hubei 430070,China
  • Received:2021-06-01 Revised:2021-09-24 Online:2022-06-10 Published:2022-06-28
  • Contact: XU Hai-qing, E-mail:


王成群, 徐海青, 汪鸿, 袁利, 周爱琴, 李明惠   

  1. 湖北省妇幼保健院儿童保健科,湖北 武汉 430070
  • 通讯作者: 徐海青,
  • 作者简介:王成群(1969-),女,湖北人,副主任医师,主要研究方向为儿童生长发育、高危儿随访。
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Abstract: Objective To evaluate the effect of the combination of nurturing care by medical, nursing, education and family parenting in promoting the development of preterm infants, so as to provide basis for the follow-up monitoring of high-risk preterm infants. Methods A retrospective analysis was conducted in 71 cases of high-risk premature infants followed up in Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital from January 2017 to June 2018.Infants followed up in early development clinic were selected into the study group, those followed up in general outpatient clinic were enrolled in the control group. Infants in the study group adopted medical-nursing-education-family parenting intervention, while children in the control group were given conventional guidance. Physical development and neuropsychological development levels of high-risk premature infants within 12 months of corrected age were dynamically monitored and compared between the two groups. Results The difference between the study group and the control group at 1 month of corrected age was only significant in body weight (t=4.709, P<0.05). At the corrected age of 3, 6 and 12 months, the body length, body weight, head circumference, mental development index (MDI) and psychological development index (PDI) of infants in the study group were significantly higher than those in the control group(P<0.05). Time effects, within-group effects and interactions for length, weight, head circumference, MDI and PDI scores were statistically significant between the two groups (P< 0.05).Compared with the control group, the pass rate of 20 neuromotor development items at the corrected age of 3 and 6 months in the study group were significantly higher (χ2=4.064, 8.414, P<0.05), and increased more significantly with the increasing of age. Moreover, the prevalence rates of intellectual deficits and motor development delay at the corrected age of 12 months of infants in the study group were significantly lower than those in control group(χ2=4.769, 5.182, P<0.05). Conclusion Medical-nursing-education-family parenting care can not only promote the early development of high-risk premature infants, but also reduce the occurrence of intelligent defects and motor development delay, which is helpful to repair brain injury and to improve the development level of high-risk premature infants to a certain extent.

Key words: premature infants, nurturing care, growth and development, neuropsychological development

摘要: 目的 评价医护教家相结合养育照护促进早产儿发育的效果,为开展高危早产儿随访监测提供方法及依据。方法 回顾性分析湖北省妇幼保健院2017年1月—2018年6月早期发展门诊(研究组)和普通门诊(对照组)随访的高危早产儿各71例,研究组采取医护教家相结合养育照护的方式进行干预,对照组采取常规指导方式。动态监测比较两组高危早产儿矫正月龄12个月内体格发育、神经系统发育水平。结果 研究组与对照组比较,矫正1月龄仅体重差异有统计学意义(t=4.709,P<0.05);矫正3、6、12月龄研究组早产儿的身长、体重、头围、MDI和PDI均大于对照组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。两组间身长、体重、头围、MDI和PDI得分的时间效应、组内效应和交互作用均具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。研究组矫正3、6月龄20项神经运动发育的通过率较对照组提高(χ2=4.064、8.414,P<0.05),且随着月龄增长,研究组的通过率上升较为明显。研究组矫正12月龄智能缺陷、运动落后发生率较对照组降低(χ2=4.769、5.182,P<0.05)。结论 医护教家相结合养育照护能促进高危早产儿早期发展,同时还可降低高危早产儿智能缺陷、运动落后的发生,有利于脑损伤的修复,在一定程度上提高了高危早产儿的发育水平。

关键词: 高危早产儿, 养育照护, 生长发育, 神经心理发育

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