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Risk factors for isolated premature thelarche and idiopathic central precocious puberty in girls of Tianjin

WANG Yan-hua, ZHAO Xin, LIU Ji-qin   

  1. Department of Pediatrics,the Affiliated Hospital of Logistics University of PAP,Tianjin 300162,China
  • Received:2017-07-21 Online:2018-04-10 Published:2018-04-10


王琰华, 赵忻, 刘冀琴   

  1. 武警后勤学院附属医院儿科,天津 300162;
  • 作者简介:王琰华(1984-),女,天津人,医师,硕士学位,主要研究方向为儿童呼吸道,消化道常见病,急诊急救中毒,性早熟等。
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the risk factors for isolated premature thelarche (IPT) and idiopathic central precocious puberty (ICPP) of girls in Tianjin. Methods A total of 110 cases of simple early breast development and 127 cases of girls with idiopathic central precocious puberty in the Affiliated Hospital of Logistic University of PAP Hospital were selected from February 2016 to May 2017,1∶2 pairs were matched according to age,and 220 normal girls and 254 normal controls were selected as controls,questionnaire survey was conducted among all subjects. Results Logistic regression analysis showed that pollution factory near the address,mother's menarche age ≤13 years old,frequency of use of plastic products,animal food or high protein diet and pigment food containing preservatives were risk factors for IPT (OR=9.061,22.220,2.980,6.508 and 14.069,P<0.05);Taking nutrition supplements,using adult wash skin care products,food containing hormones,mother's menarche age ≤13 years old and seafood diet were risk factors for ICPP (OR=3.071,2.445,4.063,2.809 and 2.849,P<0.05). Conclusion The risk factors of IPT and ICPP in girls in Tianjin city are complex,which are related to maternal age at menarche,diet habits and so on.

Key words: isolated premature thelarche, idiopathic central precocious puberty, risk factors, girls

摘要: 目的 分析天津市女童单纯乳房早发育及特发性中枢性性早熟发病的危险因素。方法 选取2011年2月-2017年5月在武警后勤学院附属医院治疗的单纯乳房早发育女童110例,特发性中枢性性早熟女童127例,同时按照年龄进行1∶2配对,分别选取220例和254例发育正常女童作为对照,对所有受试者进行问卷调查。结果 Logistic回归分析结果显示:住址附近有污染工厂、母亲初潮年龄≤13岁、塑料制品使用频率、动物性食品或高蛋白饮食和含防腐剂色素食品是单纯乳房早发育的危险因素(OR=9.061、22.220、2.980、6.508和14.069,P均<0.05);服用营养滋补品、使用成人洗漱护肤品、含激素类食品和母亲初潮年龄≤13岁、海产品饮食是特发性中枢性性早熟的危险因素(OR=3.071、2.445、4.063、2.809和2.849,P均<0.05)。结论 天津市女童单纯乳房早发育及特发性中枢性性早熟发病危险因素较多,与母亲初潮年龄、饮食生活习惯等有关。

关键词: 单纯乳房早发育, 特发性中枢性性早熟, 危险因素, 女童

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