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Research progress of common observational scales forearly parent-child interaction

DING Mei-qi, XU Meng-xue, ZHU Zong-han, GUAN Hong-yan   

  1. Capital Institute of Pediatrics,Beijing 100020,China
  • Received:2017-09-28 Online:2018-06-10 Published:2018-06-10
  • Contact: GUAN Hong-yan,E-mail:


丁美琦, 许梦雪, 朱宗涵, 关宏岩   

  1. 首都儿科研究所,北京 100020
  • 通讯作者: 关宏岩,E-mail:
  • 作者简介:丁美琦(1989-),女,山东人,硕士研究生,主要研究方向为儿童保健、亲子互动。
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Abstract: Providing high level of nurturing care is an important factor for young children to achieve their developmental potential. As an important index of nurturing care,Early Parent-Child Interaction has been of increasing concern. Through the observation of parent-child interaction, an objective assessment on the quality of parent-child interaction will be conducted. And it is crucial to identify strengths and problems of parenting in order to provide reasonable interventions. There are dozens of observational tools for assessing parent-child interaction internationally. Emotional Availability Scales (EAS),Parent-Child Interaction Scales (PCI Scales) and Child-Adult Relationship Experimental Index (CARE-Index) are common tools with good psychometric soundness. The background and constructs,reliability and validity,and applications of each scale reported in this review might guide clinicians and researchers working on maternal and child health care in the selection of an appropriate tool for observing parent-child interaction.

Key words: parent-child interaction, early childhood development, observational measure, scale

摘要: 为儿童早期提供高质量的养育照护是保障儿童充分实现其未来潜能的重要因素,早期亲子互动作为养育照护的一个重要指标正在得到愈来愈多的关注。通过观察亲子互动,可以对亲子互动质量进行客观评价,以期发现其中存在的养育优缺点并予以科学指导。目前,国际上已有数十种用于探究亲子互动质量的观察法评估工具。其中,最常用且信效度较好的三种评估工具分别是:情绪水平量表(EAS)、亲子互动量表(PCI Scales)、儿童-养育者关系指数(CARE-Index)。本综述将系统介绍上述三种量表的框架背景、信效度及应用进展,以便为相关科研人员和临床医生选择合适的亲子互动评估量表提供参考。

关键词: 亲子互动, 儿童早期发展, 观察法评估, 量表

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