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Prevalence and risk factors of obesity in 9 517 preschool children in Xiamen

CHEN Jing, ZENG Guo-zhang, HUANG Hai-ying   

  1. Department of Child Health, Xiamen Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, Xiamen, Fujian 361003, China
  • Received:2010-11-27 Online:2011-01-06 Published:2011-01-06

厦门市9 517名学龄前儿童肥胖检出率及原因分析


  1. 厦门市妇幼保健院儿保科,福建 厦门 361003
  • 作者简介:陈晶(1981-),女,硕士研究生,主要从事儿童保健及儿童神经行为方面的研究

Abstract: 【Objective】 To analyze the prevalence and risk factors of obesity among preschool children in Xiamen, and to provide the scientific basis for preventing obesity in children. 【Methods】 A random cluster sampling method was carried out, 34 kindergartens from urban district of Xiamen were selected randomly. 9 517 children at the age of 2~6 years old were selected as our study subjects, and all subjects' basic informa-tion (age,gender,height,weight,etc) were investigated. The prevalence rate of child obesity and its related factors were analyzed. 【Results】 The prevalence rate of obesity among preschool children in Xiamen was 7.40%, of which, the prevalence rate of boys was 9.03%, and the prevalence rate of girls was 5.48%. The prevalence rate was positive related with age. The results indicated that childhood obesity occurrence was related to their parents' obesity and high income, the child diet habits,time consumed in watching television and doing exercises. 【Conclusions】 This study demonstrates a high prevalence of obesity in preschool children in Xiamen. Child obesity can be related by gender, age and unhealthy life style.

Key words: obesity, prevalence, risk factors, children

摘要: 【目的】 了解厦门市学龄前儿童肥胖的患病率及主要影响因素,为预防儿童肥胖提供科学依据。 【方法】 应用随机整群抽样法,随机抽取厦门市城区34所幼儿园作为调查的研究现场。收集9 517名2~6岁学龄前儿童年龄、性别、身高、体重等基本信息,计算肥胖检出率,并对肥胖危险因素进行分析。 【结果】 厦门市学龄前儿童肥胖患病率为7.40%,其中男童9.03%,女童5.48%;2~6岁儿童肥胖发生率随年龄的升高而上升。儿童肥胖的发生与父母肥胖及家庭高收入有关,与儿童饮食习惯及看电视时间、体育活动有关。 【结论】 学龄前儿童肥胖患病率较高,儿童肥胖的发生状况与性别、年龄及不良生活方式等因素有关。

关键词: 肥胖, 检出率, 发病因素, 儿童

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