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Liangping county medical institutions at the county level analysis of 48 cases of early neonatal death

ZENG Rui-zhou   

  1. Liangping County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Chongqing 405200,China
  • Received:2017-01-17 Online:2017-07-10 Published:2017-07-10



  1. 梁平县妇幼保健院,重庆 405200
  • 作者简介:曾瑞舟 (1971-),女,重庆人,副主任医师,本科学历,主要研究方向为新生儿疾病。

Abstract: Objective To understand the cause of the early neonatal death and its influencing factors,and reduce the neonatal mortality provide effective intervention measures. Method Liangping county of chongqing medical institutions at the county level in October 2011-September 2016 (date from October statistics to the following year) 5 years of 48 cases of early neonatal death and neonatal death review data were retrospectively analyzed. Results The county medical institutions at the county level in the past 5 years early neonatal mortality rate was 2.04 ‰;Premature rupture of membranes(27.08%),abnormal amniotic fluid (18.75%),and abnormal umbilical cord (14.58%)were the main obstetric factors;The 3 most important reasons for the early neonatal death were preterm delivery and low birth weight (29.17%),neonatal severe asphyxia (18.75%),and birth defects (14.58%). Conclusion By strengthening medical institutions at the county level of pediatric equipment configuration and the talent team construction,the neonatal mortality rate is reduced.

Key words: early neonatal, the cause of death, interventions

摘要: 目的 了解早期新生儿死亡原因及其影响因素,降低新生儿死亡率提供有效干预措施。方法 对重庆市梁平县县级医疗机构2011年10月-2016年9月(10月份以后统计到次年)5年间死亡的48例早期新生儿病历资料及新生儿死亡评审资料进行回顾性分析。结果 5年间该县县级医疗机构早期新生儿死亡率为2.04‰;产科因素主要为胎膜早破占27.08%,羊水异常占18.75%,脐带异常占14.58%;早期新生儿死亡的原因前3位依次为早产和低出生体重占29.17%、新生儿重度窒息占18.75%、出生缺陷占14.58%。结论 加强县级医疗机构产儿科设备设施的配置和人才队伍建设,降低新生儿死亡率。

关键词: 早期新生儿, 死亡原因, 干预措施

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