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Study on 25-hydroxy vitamin D level in short stature children with different growth hormone secretion status

CHEN Jin, TAO Lin-hui, LIN Ai-lin, LIN Yun   

  1. Department of Pediatrics,Taizhou Municiple Hospital,Taizhou ZheJiang 318000,China
  • Received:2019-06-25 Online:2020-02-10 Published:2020-02-10


陈瑾, 陶林辉, 林爱琳, 林蕴   

  1. 台州市立医院儿科,浙江 台州 318000
  • 作者简介:陈瑾(1982-),女,浙江人,主治医师,硕士学位,主要从事儿童生长发育及保健方面工作。

Abstract: Objective To study the levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D[25-(OH)D] in short stature children with different growth hormone secretion status, So as to provide theoretical basis for clinicl evaluation. Method Totally 101 children with short stature treated in the department of pediatrics of Taizhou Municiple Hospital from June 2017 to December 2018 were enrolled in this study.and were divided into completely growth hormone deficiency(CGHD)group,part growth hormone deficiency(PGHD)group and idiopathic short stature(ISS)group according to the peak value of growth hormone drug stimulation test.Meanwhile,20 children of normal height were randomly selected as control group.Serum25-(OH)D levels of each group were determined by chemiluminescence. Result Among the 101 children,there were 26 cases in the CGHD group,37 cases in the PGHD group and 38 cases in the ISS group.Levels of 25-(OH)D in the three groups were all significantly lower than those in normal group(P<0.01),and the levels of 25-(OH)D in the CGHD group were significantly lower than those in the PGHD and ISS groups(P<0.05).The incidence rates of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in the CGHD,PGHD and ISS groups were higher thanthose in the normal group (P<0.01),and there was no significant difference among the CGHD,PGHD and ISS three groups (P>0.05). Conclusions The level of 25-(OH)D in short stature children with different growth hormone secretion status decreases in different degrees,especially in CGHD group.

Key words: short stature, growth hormone, growth hormone deficiency, 25-hydroxy vitamin D

摘要: 目的 研究不同生长激素分泌状态的矮身材儿童25-(OH)D的水平,为临床评估提供理论依据。方法 收集2017年6月-2018年12月就诊于台州市立医院儿科的矮身材儿童101例,依据生长激素药物激发试验峰值分为生长激素完全缺乏(CGHD)组、生长激素部分缺乏(PGHD)组、特发性矮小(ISS)组,并随机选取20例身高正常的健康儿童为对照组,用化学发光法检测各组血清25-(OH)D值。结果 101例儿童中CGHD组26例、PGHD组37例、ISS组38例,三组25-(OH)D水平均低于正常组(P<0.01),CGHD组25-(OH)D低于PGHD、ISS组,差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);CGHD、PGHD、ISS组维生素D缺乏和不足的发病率高于正常组(P<0.01),CGHD、PGHD、ISS三组间差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论 25-(OH)D在不同生长激素分泌状态矮身材儿童中的水平存在不同程度的下降,以CGHD组最为明显。

关键词: 矮小症, 生长激素, 生长激素缺乏症, 25羟维生素D

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