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  • Chinese Journal of Child Health Care is a national academic journal sponsored by Xi'an Jiaotong University and Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, governed by the Ministry of Education. It is the only professional journal in the field of child health care in China.


    The aim of this journal is to report the academic trends and scientific research achievements of children's health care at home and abroad, distribute knowledge and experience in eugenics, education and children's management, introduce new technologies, and promote the education for health care personnel and contribute to the development level of children.



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    Awards (since 2016)

    Shaanxi Province Excellent Journals of Universities (the 4th session in 2016)

    Excellent S&T Journal of Chinese Universities (2016)

    Shaanxi Province Excellent Editorial Office of Universities (2016)

    Excellent Editorial Quality of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Journals (2015-2016)

    Excellent S&T Journals of Chinese Universities (2018)

    The 5th Shaanxi Excellent Science and Technology Journals (2018)

    Quality Progress Award of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Journals (2017-2018)

    Excellent S&T Journals of Chinese Universities (2020)

    The 6th Shaanxi Excellent Science and Technology Journals (2020)

    Excellent Platform for innovation of "Xiniu Plan"(2022)

    Teacher-training library cases of  S&T Journals of Chinese Universities :Excellent S&T Journals (2022)

    Excellent Editorial Board for innovation of "Xiniu Plan"(2023)


    Review, Professional Forum, Original Articles, Basic Experimental Articles, Meta-Analysis, Experience Exchange, Clinical Research, Health Education, Appropriate Technology, Case Report, etc.


    1. Children's nutrition and development: including children's nutrition support, dietary balance, nutrition and metabolic diseases, endocrine function and development.

    2. Children's psychological and behavioral health: including children's early emotional education, intellectual disabilities, children's behavior and mental diseases, social capability, etc.

    3. Early health and development of children: including health care of first 1000 days, scientific feeding, healthy sleep, cognitive development, environmental problems, gene coding problems, etc.

    4. Early life health care: including fetal health care, brain development, birth defects and congenital diseases.

    5. Accidental injury: brain injury of children, accidental injury of children, abuse and neglect, etc.

    6. Other health care: early life care and chronic disease prevention, vision and hearing care, application of molecular biology technology for children, etc.

    Readership and authorship

    1. Readership: Personnel in children's health education, scientific research and management, family planning; pediatric clinicians and child care physicians, children’s nutritionists, children's psychological behavior and intelligence researchers, primary and secondary school doctors and kindergarten educational staff etc.

    2. Authorship: including core authorship, general authorship and interdisciplinary authorship

    1)Core authors are composed of scholars whose academic level is consistent with the journal. Most of them are professionals within the field, such as practitioners in children's health care or doctors working in large and medium-sized hospitals.

    2) General authors are those who are related to the field of children’s health care by their works, such as managing staff, amateurs, and preventive medicine personnel.

    3) Interdisciplinary authors are professional and technicians in adjacent disciplines, such as clinicians engaged in pediatric internal medicine and pediatric surgery. Most of them work in small and medium-sized hospitals

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