Submission Instruction

  • Submission Instruction

    Section 1 Publishing Scope

    Section 2 Requirement for Manuscript

    Section 3 Fees

    Section 4 Method of Submission

    Section 1 Publishing Scope

    Chinese Journal of Child Health Care was founded in 1993, which publishes scientific research papers in the field of child health care, academic and research achievements at home and abroad, new applicable practical technologies, children's neuropsychological and behavioral development, children's growth and nutrition, neonatal and fetal health care, child rehabilitation technologies, etc. The columns include Review, Professional Forum, Original Articles, Basic Experimental Articles, Meta-Analysis, Experience Exchange, Clinical Research, Health Education, Appropriate Technology, Case Report, etc.

    Section 2 Requirement for Manuscript

    1.    General RequirementManuscripts shall be scientific, innovative and logical, with reliable material, accurate data, rigorous structure, clear argument, and smooth wording. Original research articles do not exceed 6000 Chinese characters. Manuscripts shall be in word format. Capitalization and Italics of foreign letters shall be used correctly.

    2.    Title: Titles should be concise and clear, and accurately reflect the theme of articles. Generally, Chinese title shall not exceed 20 characters without subtitle. English title should be grammatical and idiomatic, corresponding to the Chinese title.

    3.    Authors and Institutes: The following items should be listed below the title: Author names, institutes (the first author and the corresponding authors’ institutes are specified to the department), city and postal code. Different institutes shall be numbered and author names shall be marked with the corresponding author number at the upper right corner. Except for the first author, the city and post code are not needed. Funding project (type and number) and the introduction of the first author (name, year of birth, gender, place of birth, education background, professional title and main research direction) should be indicated at the footnote on the first page of each article. If there is a corresponding author, the E-mail shall be indicated.

    4.    Abstract: Structural abstract shall be adopted with four parts: Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Abstract should be written in the third-person perspective. The results in abstract must be expressed in numerals, and specific statistical values should be given along with statistical significance. The conclusion should echo the objective of study. All authors and institutes should be listed in the English abstract, marked with "Abstract" in front of the article, in the third person perspective and without subparagraphs.

    5.    Keywords: Keywords should be selected from the normative vocabulary listed in the latest version of Medical Subheadings Thesaurus (Mesh) edited by the National Library of Medicine (US). Common words can be used as keywords if there’s no counterpart in Mesh, but the meaning and concept should be clear. The number of key words should be 3~8. English keywords should be consistent with the Chinese keywords.

    6.    Introduction: Introduction explains the research background and current status of the research topic, as well as the purpose and significance of this study, generally 200~400 Chinese characters.

    7.    Subjects and Methods: The type of scientific research design, research time, place, sampling method, calculation method of sample size, and the inclusion and exclusion criteria of research subjects shall be stated. The source, batch number and specification of animals, drugs, instruments and reagents used shall be stated. Statistical methods should be described in details.

    8.    Figures and Tables: Figures and tables shall be numbered consecutively according to the order in which they appear in the text. Headings of figures and tables should be written in both Chinese and English. Notations can be added if necessary. Uncommon acronyms shall be explained.

    9.    References: Format of references should comply with the provision of GB/T 7714—2015. There should be at least 15 references for each research article and 30 references for each review article. Please try to cite references published in the latest 5 years. For references that have more than three authors, only first three authors shall be listed and followed by et al. Chinese references shall be translated into English under the same number and the English shall be placed beneath the Chinese. For details, please refer to the Chinese version of the submission instruction.

    Section 3 Fees.

    There is no review fee for submission of manuscripts to this journal. An APC shall be payable (600 yuan/1000 characters) for manuscripts accepted for publishing. Two copies of the current issue of the journal will be posted to the first author after publication.

    Section 4 Method of Submission

    Please visit the website of the journal, carefully read the instructions and policies before submission.

    The online submission address is below.

    Once the manuscript is submitted, the supplementary documents listed below should be provided.

    1) Recommendation Letter

    2) Copyright Transfer Agreement

    3) Authors Contribution Form

    4) Statement of Competing Interests

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