journal1 ›› 2016, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (4): 422-424.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2016-24-04-25

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Analysis of present situation on regular health physical examination and growing development of children under 5 years old in Shandong province.

ZHAO Si-qi,XU Xin,XU Ling-zhong.   

  1. Institution of Social Medicine and Health Management,School of Public Health,Shandong University,Jinan,Shandong 250012,China
  • Received:2015-07-10 Online:2016-04-10 Published:2016-04-10
  • Contact: XU Ling-zhong,



  1. 山东大学社会医学与卫生事业管理研究所,山东 济南 250012
  • 通讯作者: 徐凌忠,
  • 作者简介:赵思琪(1989-),女,山东人,硕士在读,主要研究方向为社会医学。

Abstract: Objective To understand the condition of regular physical examination and growing development of children under five years old in Shandong province,and to raise the attention of children' periodic health examination and provide the reality basis for the implementation of children healthcare strategy. Method It was selected 1 645 children aged 0~5 to survey questionnaires in Shandong province. Results In the survey area,children health physical examination rate was 59.3%,the average check number was 1.4 times;The rate of reach the suggested number of the children under 1 years old,2~3 years old and more than 3 years old was 19.4%,33.9% and 53.1% respectively.In the health examination contents,physical examination rate was 94.5%,the vaccination rate was 98.6%,the oral cavity had a rate of 13.4%.The incidence of children with low weight,thin and growth retardation was respectively 2.2%,3.8% and 10.7%. Conclusions The rate of children's health examination and the age groups which can reach the suggestion numbers are relatively at a low level,part of the health check programs participation is not high.It should actively carry out the work of childcare monitoring and guidance,improve the parents' awareness of health examination to guarantee the healthy growth of children.

Key words: children under 5 years old, health examination, growing development

摘要: 目的 了解山东省5岁以下儿童的健康体检和生长发育情况,提高对儿童定期健康检查的重视,为儿童保健策略的实施提供现实依据。方法 选取山东省内0~5岁儿童1 645例进行问卷调查。结果 调查地区儿童健康体检率为59.3%,平均检查次数为1.4次;1岁以下、2~3岁儿童及3岁以上儿童健康体检次数达标率分别为19.4%,33.9%,53.1%。健康检查内容中,进行体格检查率为94.5%、免疫接种率为98.6%、口腔检查率为13.4%。儿童低体重、消瘦和生长迟缓的发生率分别为2.2%、3.8%和10.7%。结论 儿童健康体检率相对较低,部分健康检查的项目参与率较低,拓展儿童健康检查服务内容,积极开展儿童保健工作的监测和指导,提高儿童家长健康检查意识,保障儿童健康成长。

关键词: 5岁以下儿童, 健康体检, 生长发育

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