journal1 ›› 2016, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (10): 1073-1076.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2016-24-10-18

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Longitudinal refractive index of vision analysis of monitoring 264 infants by moptim screening instrument.

CAO Min-hui1,YANG Xia-min1,2,AN Qi1,NIU Jing1.   

  1. 1 Department of Child Health Care of Weinan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Weinan,Shaanxi 714000,China;
    2 Department of Vision of Xi′an First Hospital,Xi′an,Shaanxi 710002,China
  • Received:2016-03-08 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01



  1. 1 渭南市妇幼保健院儿保科,陕西 渭南 714000;
    2 西安市第一医院眼科, 陕西 西安 710002
  • 作者简介:曹敏辉(1974-),女,陕西人,副主任医师,在职研究生,研究方向为儿童保健。

Abstract: Objective To track longitudinal visual status during growth of infants,explore the growth law and influence factor of infants vision,and to guide the vision health of infants and prevent the happening of low vision during school age of children. Method Using moptim vision screening instrument to monitor and analyze the vision of 264 infants whose age was between new born and two years old,their spherical,cylinder and other influence factors of vision growth were collected. Results The monitor results showed:the absolute degrees of spherical and cylinder were lower while the age was higher,the value tended to zero and the vision was closer to the normal range. Conclusion The vision growth of infants is dynamic changing under 2 years old,earlier vision health care guidance and corresponding intervening method can make the vision grows along the way derived from the advantage of inheritance.

Key words: infants, subnormal vision, influencing factor

摘要: 目的 通过纵向跟踪婴幼儿的视觉发育状况,分析婴幼儿视觉发育规律及其影响因素,以指导婴幼儿眼保健工作,预防学龄期低视力的发生。方法 采用莫廷视力筛查仪对本院儿保门诊264例0~24个月婴幼儿进行视力纵向监测分析,详细记录球镜度、柱镜度数值及视觉发育相关影响因素。结果 视力监测结果显示:球镜度的值、柱镜度的绝对值随年龄的增长逐渐变小(趋于0),视力越接近正常范围。结论 婴幼儿视觉的发育在2岁内呈动态变化趋势,早期的眼保健指导和相应的干预措施可以使婴幼儿视力的发育沿着遗传优势所决定的轨道发展。

关键词: 婴幼儿, 视力异常, 影响因素

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