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Research progress on the correlation between infant complementary foods and food allergy

CHENG Juan1, SHEN Kun-ling2, DUAN Hong-mei1   

  1. 1 School of Nursing,Beijing University of Chinese Medicine,Beijing 100029,China;
    2 National Center for Clinical Medical Research of Respiratory Diseases,Beijing Children′s Hospital, Capital Medical University,Beijing 100045,China
  • Received:2018-11-01 Online:2019-07-10 Published:2019-07-10
  • Contact: DUAN Hong-mei,


程娟1, 申昆玲2 , 段红梅1   

  1. 1 北京中医药大学护理学院,北京 100029;
    2 首都医科大学附属北京儿童医院国家呼吸系统疾病临床医学研究中心,北京 100045
  • 通讯作者: 段红梅,
  • 作者简介:程娟(1995-),女,甘肃人,硕士研究生在读,研究方向为儿童保健。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: At present,the relationship between infant complementary foods and prevention of food allergy has attracted more and more researchers′ attention. Studies have shown that because of the immune tolerance,the more types of complementary foods are added in the early stages,the lower the risk of food allergy is. In addition,the processing of complementary food is also associated with food allergies. On account of the high homology or similar antigenic determinants of different allergens,there is cross-reaction in some food.So in clinical practice,health care providers are supposed to make comprehensive evaluation of the individual situation of infants,genetic family history and even the results of food allergy experiments,then draw up an individualized supplementary food scheme with reference to the clinical guidelines and the latest evidence from the research results,which will help infants prevent food allergies and related allergy disease

Key words: complementary foods, food allergy, infants

摘要: 目前,婴幼儿辅食添加与预防食物过敏的关系引起了越来越多研究者的重视。研究显示婴幼儿早期添加的辅食种类越多,发生食物过敏的可能性越低,原因与免疫耐受有关。另外,辅食的加工形式也与食物过敏相关;部分食物之间还存在交叉过敏,这与不同过敏原同源性较高或具有相似的抗原决定簇有关。在临床实践中,医护人员应针对婴幼儿个体状况、遗传家族史乃至食物过敏实验结果等进行综合评估,参考临床指南以及研究结果产生的最新证据,制定个性化辅食添加方案,这将更有助于预防婴幼儿食物过敏及相关过敏性疾病的发生

关键词: 辅食添加, 食物过敏, 婴幼儿

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