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Study on breastfeeding difficulties and related influencing factors among infants aged 0~5 months

YE Fang, LIN Hong, CHEN Jie, LIU Fang, FAN Qin-ying, ZHANG Yong, WANG Lin   

  1. Department of Preventive Healthcare,China-Japan Friendship Hospital,Beijing 100029,China
  • Received:2017-08-09 Online:2018-03-10 Published:2018-03-10
  • Contact: WANG Lin,


叶芳, 林荭, 陈杰, 刘芳, 范钦颖, 张勇, 王琳   

  1. 中日友好医院预防保健科,北京 100029
  • 通讯作者: 王琳,
  • 作者简介:叶芳(1986-),女,甘肃人,医师,博士学位,主要研究方向为儿童保健。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To investigate the present situation of breastfeeding difficulties and its influencing factors in an urban area in Beijing,so as to provide scientific evidence for formulating interventions. Methods A cross-sectional survey was conducted to collect data of 120 cases of infants aged 0 to 5 months fed by breast milk and their mothers from Jan.1st to Dec.31th,2016.Participants were investigated with general information questionnaire and Via Christi breastfeeding assessment tool. Results The mean score of Via Christi tool was 8.2±1.4.Seventy percent of infants were assessed as low risk while the rest as medium risk.The items of "length of time before latch-on and suckle" and "latch-on" received lowest scores with 1.0±0.9 and 1.7±0.4.Exclusive breastfeeding during the first week after birth [OR=0.140,95%CI:(0.024~0.802)] and vaginal birth [OR=0.343,95%CI:(0.174~0.879)] were two protective factors of breastfeeding(P<0.05).Floating population [OR=8.679,95%CI:(1.558~48.338)] and preterm [OR=5.470,95%CI:(1.216~25.030)] were two hazardous factors(P<0.05). Conclusions The most problematic procedures during breastfeeding were "latch-on" and "length of time before latch-on and suckle".Priority attention should be given to infants with hazardous factors including floating population,mixed feeding during the first week after birth,preterm,and C-section.

Key words: breastfeeding, Via Christi Breastfeeding Assessment Tool, infants

摘要: 目的 调查和分析北京市某城区婴儿母乳喂养困难的现状及影响因素,为促进母乳喂养的干预措施提供依据。方法 选取2016年1月1日-12月31日在本院儿童保健门诊进行常规体检,进行母乳喂养的120例婴儿及母亲作为研究对象,采用统一问卷(一般情况、产科史、Via Christi母乳喂养评价量表)进行横断面调查研究。结果 120例研究对象Via Christi量表的平均得分为8.2±1.4,70%的婴儿仅存在轻微或不存在母乳喂养困难,30%的婴儿存在中度母乳喂养困难。量表5个条目中得分最低的两项客观指标分别为“含接到有效吸吮之间持续时间”(1.0±0.9)和“乳头含接”(1.7±0.4)。影响因素的分析结果显示,出生后1周内进行纯母乳喂养[OR=0.140,95%CI:(0.024~0.802)]和顺产[OR=0.343,95%CI:(0.174~0.879)]是母乳喂养的保护因素(P均<0.05),流动人口[OR=8.679,95%CI:(1.558~48.338)]和早产[OR=5.470,95%CI:(1.216~25.030)]是母乳喂养的危险因素(P均<0.05)。结论 母乳喂养过程中发生问题最多的是“乳头含接”和“含接后到有效吸吮”这两个环节;流动人口、出生后1周内混合喂养、早产儿和剖宫产是发生母乳喂养困难的危险因素,在临床实际工作中应给予重点关注。

关键词: 母乳喂养, Via Christi母乳喂养评价量表, 婴儿

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