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Epidemiological study on the development of visual acuity and refraction in teenagers in Minhang district of Shanghai

XU Xiao-li, GAO Lu, YANG Chen-hao   

  1. Department of Ophthalmology,Children's Hospital of Fudan University,National Children's Medical Center,Shanghai 201102,China
  • Received:2021-02-08 Revised:2021-03-15 Online:2021-09-10 Published:2021-09-07
  • Contact: YANG Chen-hao,


许晓丽, 高路, 杨晨皓   

  1. 国家儿童医学中心,复旦大学附属儿科医院眼科,上海 201102
  • 通讯作者: 杨晨皓,
  • 作者简介:许晓丽(1986-),女,山东人,眼科医师,研究生学历,主要研究方向为儿童屈光不正和斜弱视。
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the refractive status in teenagers in the Minhang District of Shanghai,so as to provide reference for the development of prevention and treatment strategies of children's eye diseases in Shanghai. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted. From March to September 2019,a total of 15 590 teenagers from 14 schools in Minhang district of Shanghai were selected into this study and took visual examinations,including visual acuity measurement(standard logarithmic visual acuity chart),auto refraction and ocular health examination. Results Finally 15 527 teenagers successfully completed their vision screening. There were 8 230 boys and 7 297 girls. The prevalence rate of uncorrected visual acuity ≤4.7 in both eyes was 21.62%(3 357/15 527),with the wearing glasses rate of 65.68%(2 205/3 357). The prevalence rates of myopia,high myopia and astigmatism in girls(44.65%,3.00%,24.80%) were higher than those in boys(39.81%,2.26%,23.17%). In addition,with the increase of age,the prevalence of myopia and high myopia gradually increased(χ2=1 962.095,787.617,P<0.05). Logistic regression analysis showed that myopia was associated with age(OR=1.339,95%CI:1.321—1.358,P<0.001) and female(OR=1.230,95%CI:1.149—1.317,P<0.001). Conclusions Teenagers in Minhang district of Shanghai have a high prevalence of refractive error. The prevalence of myopia and high myopia is associated with age and female. However,longitudinal studies are warranted to evaluate refractive changes over time in individual children,and related measures should be carried out to prevent the development of myopia.

Key words: visual acuity, refractive errors, myopia, high myopia, teenagers

摘要: 目的 调查上海市闵行区青少年儿童的屈光状态,为制定上海市儿童眼病防治策略提供参考依据。方法 采用横断面调查研究,2019年3-9月期间对上海市闵行区14所学校共15 590名青少年儿童进行了检查,包含裸眼视力(标准对数视力表)、自动电脑验光及眼部健康检查等。结果 共15 527名青少年儿童完成检查,其中男生8 230人,女生7 297人。双眼裸眼视力均≤4.7者占21.62%(3 357/15 527),仅有2 205人配戴眼镜,占65.68%。女性近视、高度近视和散光的患病率(分别为44.65%、3.00%、24.80%)均高于男性(分别为39.81%、2.26%、23.17%)。随着年龄的增加,近视和高度近视的患病率逐渐增高(χ2=1 962.095、787.617,P<0.05)。Logistic回归分析发现,年龄和女性与近视的发生和发展明显相关(年龄:OR=1.339,95%CI:1.321~1.358,P<0.001;女性:OR=1.230,95%CI:1.149~1.317,P<0.001)。结论 上海市闵行区学龄期青少年儿童屈光不正患病率较高。 年龄、性别均与近视和高度近视的患病率存在相关性。还需要进一步的纵向研究来评估儿童个体屈光度随时间的变化情况,并且要采取必要措施防控近视的发展。

关键词: 视力, 屈光不正, 近视, 高度近视, 青少年儿童

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