journal1 ›› 2015, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (7): 692-694.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2015-23-07-06

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Study on preschool children's dietary nutrition status in some rural areas of Shandong Province.

ZHAO Si-qi,XU Xin,CHEN Zhao-jun,XU Ling-zhong,GAI Ruo-yan.   

  1. School of Public Health,Shandong University,Jinan,Shandong 250012,China
  • Received:2014-01-13 Online:2015-07-10 Published:2015-07-10



  1. 山东大学社会医学与卫生事业管理研究所,山东 济南 250012
  • 作者简介:赵思琪(1989-),女,山东人,硕士研究生在读,主要研究方向为社会医学。
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Abstract: Objective To study the preschool children's dietary nutrition status who aged 2 to 7 years old in some rural areas of Shandong province,provide reality basis to scientific and reasonable diet,nutrition targeted intervention and promote the healthy growth of children.Methods The 24 hours dietary retrospective was used to survey children's 3 day diets and calculate the main energy,protein and other nutrients intakes;Height,weight were measured by the Z score method to evaluate growth and development. Results The children had a unreasonable dietary structure and insufficient intake consumption rate was low;Respectively 32.7% and 35.9% of the children's energy and protein intake were less than 80% of RNIs;The intake of micro nutrition were not up to the standard of the RNIs;Children with low weight rate was 4.1%,the growth delay rate was 4.3%.Conclusion s It has a serious dietary nutrition problems in some rural areas of Shandong province among children.The nutrition knowledge's propaganda and education should be strengthened,the nutrition intervention be carried out,and the healthy growth of children be ensured.

Key words: preschool children, dietary nutrition, status

摘要: 目的 了解山东省农村地区学龄前2~7岁儿童膳食营养状况,为科学合理的饮食、有针对性地开展营养干预,促进儿童健康成长提供现实依据。方法 采用24 h膳食回顾法调查儿童3 d饮食情况,计算主要能量、蛋白质等营养素摄入;测量身高、体重,采用Z评分法进行生长发育评价。结果 调查儿童膳食结构不合理,食物消费率低且摄入量不足;分别有32.7%和35.9%的调查儿童能量和蛋白质的摄入量达不到RNIs的80%;微量元素的摄入量均达不到推荐摄入量的标准;儿童低体重率为4.1%,生长迟缓率为4.3%。结论 膳食营养问题突出,应加强对山东农村地区儿童家长营养知识的宣传教育,开展营养干预,保障儿童健康成长。

关键词: 学龄前儿童, 膳食营养, 现状

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