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Influencing factors for physical fitness among preschool children in community

KANG Xiao-yu1, DUAN Lin-lin2   

  1. 1 Zuojiazhuang Community Health Service Center,Beijing 100027,China;
    2 Panjiayuan Community Health Service Center,Beijing 100021,China;
  • Received:2017-09-07 Online:2018-07-10 Published:2018-07-10


康晓玉1, 段琳琳2   

  1. 1 左家庄社区卫生服务中心保健科,北京 100027;
    2 潘家园社区卫生服务中心保健科,北京 100021;
  • 作者简介:康晓玉(1985-),女,河北人,主治医师,主要从事预防保健、疾病防控工作。

Abstract: Objective To analyze the influencing factors for physical fitness among preschool children,in order to provide evidence for physical development of preschool children. Methods A total of 1 255 preschool children took physical test in Zuojiazhuang community and their caregivers were investigated by questionnaires in 2015.Data were analyzed by Logistic regression. Results The rate of excellence in physical test showed an increasing trend with children' age(trend χ2=13.423,P<0.001).The rate of excellence in physical test of girls was significantly higher than that of boys(adjusted OR=1.77,P<0.001).Also,the rate of excellence in physical test of children who was macrosomia at birth was higher than that of children with normal birth weight (adjusted OR=1.50,P=0.042).The rate of excellence in physical test among children with sleep problem was lower than that of normal children,but the difference was not significant (adjusted OR=0.78,P=0.080). Conclusions Pregnant women is suggested to control weight in order to create good conditions for virginal delivery.Parents should pay more attention to children' sleep health to reduce the occurrence of sleep problems.

Key words: community, preschool children, physical fitness, influencing factors

摘要: 目的 分析学龄前儿童体质健康的影响因素,为儿童体质的健康发展提供科学依据。方法 2015年对左家庄辖区内1 255名学龄前儿童进行体质测试及监护人的问卷调查,用二分类Logistic回归进行统计分析。结果 随着年龄增长,学龄前儿童体质测试优秀率有递增趋势(趋势χ2=13.423,P<0.001);女童体质测评优秀率高于男童(矫正OR=1.77,P<0.001);出生时为巨大儿的儿童优秀率高于正常出生体重儿童(矫正OR=1.50,P=0.042);有睡眠问题的儿童体质测试优秀率低于无睡眠问题的儿童,但差异无统计学意义(矫正OR=0.78,P=0.080)。结论 孕期控制体重可为顺产创造良好的条件;家长应从多方面注意儿童的睡眠卫生,减少睡眠问题的发生。

关键词: 社区, 学龄前儿童, 体质, 影响因素

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