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Reliability and validity of a Chinese version of Child Feeding Questionnaire among parents of preschoolers.

ZHENG Li-xia1,SONG Dao-ping2,CHEN Chu-lin1,LI Fang-fang1,ZHU Da-qiao1.   

  1. 1 Nursing School of Second Military Medical University,Shanghai 200433,China;
    2 Pudong Jinyang Community Health Service Center,Shanghai 200136
  • Received:2016-04-18 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01
  • Contact: ZHU Da-qiao,



  1. 1 第二军医大学护理学院,上海 200433;
    2 上海市浦东新区金杨社区卫生服务中心,上海 200136
  • 通讯作者: 朱大乔,
  • 作者简介:郑丽霞(1993-),女,本科在读。
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Abstract: Objective To evaluate the reliability and validity of a Chinese version of Child Feeding Questionnaire (c-CFQ) in parents of preschool children. Methods A Chinese version of CFQ was obtained after forward translation,synthesis,back translation,research group review and expert committee review.A total of 198 valid questionnaires of Chinese CFQ were completed by a convenient sample of parents of preschool children (3~7 years old).Psychometric properties of c-CFQ were examined by factor analysis for construct validity and Cronbach′s alpha coefficient for internal consistency reliability.Additionally,intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) for test-retest reliability over 5 days was tested in 20 targeted population. Results The final Chinese version comprised 26 items and reflected 8 dimensions after exploratory factor analysis,which explained 68.509% of the total variance.Confirmatory factor analysis further supported this eight-dimension structure.The internal consistency reliability evaluated by Cronbach′s alpha was 0.598~0.867 for the eight subscales and the whole questionnaire.The test-retest reliability across 5 days ranged from 0.791 to 0.963. Conclusion Chinese version c-CFQ has satisfactory validity and acceptable reliability,and can be used to evaluate the feeding practice and beliefs among parents of preschool children.

Key words: Child Feeding Questionnaire, preschool children, parents, reliability, validity

摘要: 目的 引入儿童喂养问卷(Child Feeding Questionnaire,CFQ), 并分析其信度和效度。方法 对CFQ进行汉化和修订,采用方便抽样法抽取198名3~7岁学龄前儿童的家长,用中文版CFQ进行问卷调查,并对数据进行信效度分析。结果 中文版CFQ问卷包含26个条目,经探索性因素分析,提取到8个因子,可解释变异量的68.509% 。验证性因子分析支持量表的八因子结构,问卷及各因子的Cronbach′s α系数为0.598~0.867,重测信度为0.791~0.963。结论 中文版CFQ具有较好的信度和效度,可用于对学龄前儿童家长的喂养行为进行测评。

关键词: 儿童喂养问卷, 学龄前儿童, 家长, 信度, 效度

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