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Effect of high-sugar diets on learning and memory,emotion in young rats.

WANG Yi-zhi1,LIU Li2.   

  1. 1 Clinical Medical Department,China Medical University,Shenyang,Liaoning 110013,China;
    2 Emergency Center,the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi′an Jiaotong University,Xi′an,Shaanxi 710061,China
  • Received:2016-05-09 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01
  • Contact: LIU Li,



  1. 1 中国医科大学临床医学系,辽宁 沈阳 110013;
    2 西安交通大学第一附属医院急救中心,陕西 西安 710061
  • 通讯作者: 刘利,
  • 作者简介:王奕智(1992-),男,硕士研究生,主要研究方向为情绪障碍的中枢机制。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To discuss the effect of high-sugar diets on learning,memory and emotion of young rats,and whether the calcium supply could produce the improve effect. Methods The young rats (postnatal days 30~35) were as the research object.They were treated continuously with high-sugar diet for three weeks,Morris water maze tested the ability of learning and memory,forced swim test was used to examine the depressive behavior,elevated plus maze was used to test anxiety-like behavior.Meanwhile,the changes of serum calcium content following high sugar diet with calcium supply and relationship were observed between calcium and behaviors above. Results In Morris water maze,escape latency of young rats[(81.2±7.9)s,(76.8±8.4)s,(67.4±6.9)s and (61.3±6.4)s] sprolongs and frequency of crossing platform(1.4±0.6) decreased significantly after continuously treating with high sugar diet,and calcium supply did not produce obvious improvement effect on these indexes; floating latency[(99.5±10.8)s] was shortened and floating time[(432.8±11.2)s] was significantly prolonged in forced swimming test,which almost returned to the normal level after calcium supplying.However,all of the indexes of the elevated plus maze had no any changes after high sugar diets treating and calcium supplying. Conclusions High-sugar diet results in a decreased learning and memory and depressive behavior,moderate calcium supply can improve the depressive symptom,but is unhelpful to the learning and memory.

Key words: high sugar diet, learning and memory, depression

摘要: 目的 探讨高糖饮食对幼鼠学习记忆能力和情绪的影响,适量补充钙剂是否产生改善作用。方法 以幼鼠(生后30~35 d)为研究对象,给予连续3周高糖饮食后,应用Morris水迷宫检测幼鼠学习记忆能力,强迫游泳检测抑郁行为,高架十字迷宫检测焦虑行为,并观察高糖饮食并补充钙剂后动物血清钙含量的变化及其与上述指标的相关性。结果 连续高糖饮食后,幼鼠在Morris水迷宫四个象限的逃避潜伏期均明显延长[(81.2±7.9)s,(76.8±8.4)s,(67.4±6.9)s和(61.3±6.4)s],而穿越站台次数(1.4±0.6)较正常组(3.8±0.9)减少,而钙剂补充对此并未产生明显的改善作用;强迫游泳实验的漂浮潜伏期[(99.5±10.8)s]缩短,而漂浮时间[(432.8±11.2)s]显著延长,适量补充钙剂使这些指标[(184.5±10.1)s和(332.2±12.3)s)趋于正常;而高架十字迷宫实验的各项指标在高糖饮食组和补充钙剂组均未出现明显异常。结论 高糖饮食能够造成幼鼠学习记忆能力的减退和抑郁表现,适量补充钙剂可以改善抑郁行为,但无助于学习记忆能力的恢复。

关键词: 高糖饮食, 学习记忆, 抑郁

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