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Epidemiological investigation of children with autism spectrum disorders from 0 to 6 years old in Hainan province

LI Ling, LI Xiao-ling, WU Wei-xue, CAI Xiao-fan, FAN Xia-lin, WEI Xiu-hui, SUN Ting-ting, JIAO Yun, XIANG Wei   

  1. The Maternal and Child Heath Care Hospital of Hainan Province,Haikou,Hainan 570206,China
  • Received:2017-06-24 Online:2018-03-10 Published:2018-03-10
  • Contact: LI Xiao-ling,E-mail:


李玲, 李小玲, 吴维学, 蔡小凡, 范霞林, 魏秀慧, 孙婷婷, 焦云, 向伟   

  1. 海南省妇幼保健院 海南省儿童医院,海南 海口 570206
  • 通讯作者: 李小玲,
  • 作者简介:李玲(1963-),女,海南人,主任医师,本科学历,主要研究方向为儿童发育障碍的诊断和治疗。
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Abstract: Objective To describe the prevalence,distribution and difference of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at the age of 0 to 6 years old in Hainan province. Methods Totally 37 862 children aged 0~6 years were selected from 18 different cities and counties in Hainan province,and were screened by the "Child Development Issues Warning Signs" questionnaire,diagnosed by clinical specialists. Results A total of 235 children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders from 37 862 children aged 0 to 6 years,and the ASD prevalence was 0.62%.The difference on ASD prevalence between boys (0.99%) and girls (0.17%) were statistically significant (χ2=101.91,P<0.001).The older children had higher prevalence of ASD with signficant difference (χ2=288.62,P<0.01).Also,the autism rate in urban areas was significantly higher than that in other regions (χ2=114.77,P<0.001). Conclusions The prevalence of ASD in children aged 0~6 in Hainan province is high in the domestic and children are diagnosed with ASD at their older age.So it is urgently needed to improve the early diagnosis rate.

Key words: autism spectrum disorder, prevalence, 0 to 6-year-old children

摘要: 目的 了解海南省0~6岁儿童孤独症谱系障碍的患病率、分布情况及差异。方法 抽查海南省18个市县0~6岁儿童37 862人,采用“儿童发育问题预警征象”调查表进行筛查,专科医师进行临床诊断。结果 海南省37 862名0~6岁儿童中诊断出235名孤独症儿童,孤独症患病率为6.2‰,其中男生为9.9‰,女生为1.7‰,性别差异具有显著统计学意义(χ2=101.91,P<0.001);不同年龄组儿童孤独症患病率差异有统计学意义(χ2=288.62,P<0.001),年龄越高孤独症患病率越高;城市显著高于其他地区(χ2=114.77,P<0.001)。结论 海南省0~6岁儿童孤独症谱系障碍的患病率居国内较高水平;且确诊年龄较大,需提高孤独症的早期诊断率。

关键词: 孤独症谱系障碍, 患病率, 0~6岁儿童

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