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Analysis of correlation between inflammatory cytokines and mental development in children with autism spectrum disorder

XIAO Ge-fei1, ZHOU Xiang2, LI Hua1, CHEN Qiang2, JIANG Ying1, ZHAO Yan-ling1, ZHOU Yu-qiu1   

  1. 1 Department of Institute of Medical Genetics;
    2 Department of Child Psychological Behavior,Zhuhai Municipal Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Zhuhai,Guangdong 519001,China;
  • Received:2017-12-03 Online:2018-07-10 Published:2018-07-10


肖鸽飞1, 周翔2, 李桦1, 陈强2, 姜莹1, 赵艳玲1, 周玉球1   

  1. 珠海市妇幼保健院 1 医学遗传研究所; 2 儿童心理行为科,广东 珠海 519001;
  • 作者简介:肖鸽飞(1974-),女,湖南人,主任检验师,硕士学位,主要研究方向为儿童心理行为疾病的遗传学诊断。
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Abstract: Objective To study the correlation between inflammatory cytokines and autism spectrum disorder (ASD),and to identify serum markers for diagnosis and treatment of ASD. Methods A total of 70 ASD patients and 70 normal control children in Zhuhai Municipal Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital were enrolled in this study from June 2015 to May 2017.And 11 kinds of inflammatory cytokines such as GM-CSF,IL-5,IL-13,MIG,MIP-1α,MIP-1β,PDGF- BB,RANTES,TIMP-1,TIMP-2 and TNF RⅡ in serum samples from were tested by protein chip technology were tested. Results There were significant differences on the levels of GM-CSF,IL-5,IL-13,MIG and MIP-1α between the case group and control group (t=4.857,2.364,4.024,2.209,-5.054,all P<0.05).The levels of GM-CSF,IL-5,IL-13 and MIG in the case group were higher than those in the control group,while the level of MIP-1α was lower in the case group.Also,the level of MIP-1α was associated with mental retardation in ASD children. Conclusions Increased levels of serum GM-CSF,IL-5,IL-13,MIG and decreased MIP-1α are associated with the pathogenesis of ASD.And low level of MIP-1α is closely linked with mental retardation in children with ASD.This conclusion provides the scientific basis for early intervention in ASD children from neuro-immunology point of view.

Key words: autism spectrum disorder, inflammation, cytokines, mental retardation

摘要: 目的 分析炎性细胞因子与孤独症谱系障碍(ASD)的相关性,寻找诊治该病新的血清标志物。方法 采用蛋白芯片技术对珠海市妇幼保健院2015年6月-2017年5月就诊的70名ASD病例及70名正常对照儿童血清样本的GM-CSF、IL-5、IL-13、MIG、MIP-1α、MIP-1β、PDGF-BB、RANTES、TIMP-1、TIMP-2和TNF RⅡ等11种炎性细胞因子进行测定分析。结果 ASD病例组的GM-CSF、IL-5、IL-13、MIG及MIP-1α五种炎性细胞因子与正常对照组间比较,差异有统计学意义(t=4.857,2.364,4.024,2.209,-5.054,P均<0.05),其中GM-CSF、IL-5、IL-13、MIG等因子在病例组中的水平高于对照组,而MIP-1α水平则前者低于后者。且MIP-1α因子与ASD患儿的精神发育迟滞有关(t=2.568,P<0.05)。结论 血清GM-CSF、IL-5、IL-13、MIG水平增高和MIP-1α水平降低与ASD发病有关,且低水平的MIP-1α与ASD儿童的精神发育迟滞有密切联系,这为从神经免疫学角度对ASD患儿进行早期诊断提供了科学依据。

关键词: 孤独症谱系障碍, 炎症, 细胞因子, 精神发育迟滞

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