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Sensory integration disorder and its related factors among preschool children in amontanic county of Hubei province

YU Li-li1,2, LI Dong1,3, LI Ju1, JI Hong-xian4, LI Xiao-wen3, GUO Huai-lan5, DING Hong-cheng4, ZHANG Dong-yun1, WANG Jing3,5   

  1. 1 School of Nursing,Hubei University of Medicine,Shiyan,Hubei 442000,China;
    2 Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Dianjiang,Chongqing 408300,China;
    3 Renmin Hospital,Hubei University of Medicine,Shiyan,Hubei 442000,China;
    4 Department of Health Care,Shiyan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Shiyan,Hubei 442000,China;
    5 Center for Environment and Health in Water Source Area of South-to-North Water Diversion,University of Medicine,Shiyan,Hubei 442000,China
  • Received:2019-03-02 Online:2020-02-10 Published:2020-02-10
  • Contact: WANG Jing,


余丽丽1,2, 李冬1,3, 李菊1, 纪宏先4, 李晓雯3, 郭怀兰5, 丁洪成4, 张东云1, 王静3,5   

  1. 1 湖北医药学院护理学院,湖北 十堰 442000;
    2 重庆市垫江县中医院,重庆 垫江 408300;
    3 湖北省十堰市人民医院/湖北医药学院附属人民医院,湖北 十堰 442000;
    4 十堰市妇幼保健院儿童保健中心,湖北 十堰 442000;
    5 湖北医药学院南水北调水源区环境与健康研究中心,湖北 十堰 442000
  • 通讯作者: 王静,
  • 作者简介:余丽丽(1987-),女,重庆人,主管护师,在读硕士研究生,主要研究方向为临床护理及护理管理。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To investigate the status of sensory integration disorder (SID) and its related factors among preschool children in a montanic county of Hubei province,in order to provide scientific basis for the intervention of SID among preschool children in this area. Methods A cluster sampling method was used to select five kindergartens from east,west,south,north and middle of the county from October to November 2017.Semi-structured questionnaires were conducted in children aged 3 to 6 years,including the Scale for the Development of Sensory Integration and its basic information.Multivariate Logistic regression model was adopted to analyze risk factors for SID. Results Among the 710 children,396 had SID,with the prevalence rate of 55.8% (mild 30.3%,severe 25.5%).There was significant difference on SID rate between boys and girls (χ2=10.688,P<0.05).After adjusting some confounding factors,Multi-factor analysis showed that boys (OR=1.636,95%CI:1.177-2.273,P=0.003),eating snacks (OR=1.672,95%CI:1.158-2.412,P=0.006),picky eating behavior (OR=1.535,95%CI:1.097-2.147,P=0.012) were risk factors for SID,while loving sport was a protective factor for SID (OR=0.460,95%CI:0.253-0.836,P=0.011).Meanwhile,the risk for SID increased with the increasing of age (OR=0.769,95%CI=0.632-0.934,P=0.008). Conclusions SID of preschool children in montanic county is associated with sex,age,eating habits and exercise status.So it is supposed to give targeted prevention and control measures for preschool children in different sex and age groups.

Key words: sensory integration disorder, preschool children, eating habits, exercise status

摘要: 目的 了解湖北省某山区县城学龄前儿童感觉统合失调(SID)状况及其影响因素,为该地学龄前儿童感觉统合失调的干预提供科学依据。方法 2017年10-11月采用整群抽样,将该县城区划分为东、西、南、北、中5个区,每个区随机抽取1个幼儿园。对抽中的幼儿园3~6岁儿童进行半结构化问卷调查,包括感觉统合能力发展评定量表和基本情况。采用多元Logistic回归模型进行危险因素分析。结果 710名儿童中有396名存在感觉统合失调,患病率为55.8%(轻度30.3%,重度25.5%)。男童和女童相比感觉统合失调差异有统计学意义(χ2 =10.688,P<0.05)。在多因素分析中,控制了其他混杂因素后,男童感觉统合失调风险较女童更大(OR=1.636,95%CI:1.177~2.273,P=0.003),膳食情况中吃零食(OR=1.672,95%CI:1.158~2.412,P=0.006)、挑食(OR=1.535,95%CI:1.097~2.147,P=0.012)是SID的危险因素;爱运动是SID的保护因素(OR=0.460,95%CI:0.253~0.836,P=0.011)。随着年龄的增加感觉统合失调的风险越小(OR=0.769,95%CI:0.632~0.934,P=0.008)。结论 本研究显示山区县城学龄前儿童感觉统合失调与性别、年龄、儿童饮食习惯及运动状况相关,应对不同性别、年龄段学龄前儿童采取针对性的防控措施。

关键词: 感觉统合失调, 学龄前儿童, 饮食习惯, 运动状况

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