Chinese Journal of Child Health Care ›› 2023, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (12): 1292-1296.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2023-0072

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Relationship between adverse life events and mental disorders among rural adolescents in Henan province

CHANG Xuening, LI Ruizhen   

  1. Department of Child Health Care,Wuhan Children's Hospital (Wuhan Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital), Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan,Hubei 430016, China
  • Received:2023-03-31 Revised:2023-07-21 Online:2023-12-10 Published:2023-12-04
  • Contact: LI Ruizhen,


常雪凝, 李瑞珍   

  1. 华中科技大学同济医学院附属武汉儿童医院(武汉市妇幼保健院)儿童保健科,湖北 武汉 430016
  • 通讯作者: 李瑞珍,
  • 作者简介:常雪凝(1992-),女,安徽人,主治医师,主要研究方向为妇幼保健。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To investigate the prevalence of adverse life events and the mental health status of rural children in Henan province, and to analyze the correlation between adverse childhood life events and mental disorders, specifically anxiety and depression. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted among school students in a selected county in Henan province. Two middle schools and twelve senior high school classes were randomly selected from a total of ten rural middle schools and 54 classes. The questionnaire consisted of demographic information, adolescent life events, social support, depression and anxiety measures. χ2test, spearman correlation analysis, and a multivariate Logistic regression model were used for analysis. Results The detection rate of anxiety disorder among adolescents was found to be 23.22%. Abnormal interpersonal factors (OR=2.01, 95%CI:1.16 - 3.48) and academic pressure factors (OR=2.61, 95%CI:1.81 - 3.75) were identified as risk factors for anxiety(P<0.05). The detection rate of depressive symptoms among adolescents was 12.31%, with abnomal interpersonal factors (OR=1.90, 95%CI:1.01 - 3.55), academic pressure factors (OR=1.97, 95%CI:1.27 - 3.06), and health adaptation factors (OR=1.93, 95%CI:1.05 - 3.55) identified as risk factors for depression(P<0.05). Poor interpersonal relationship and academic pressure were found to be common risk factors for both anxiety and depression. Conclusions Adverse life events are common among rural children in Henan province and are correlated with mental disorders. Strengthening mental health education of secondary school students and implementing relevant countermeasures at all levels are of great social and practical significance.

Key words: adolescent, adverse life events, anxiety, depression

摘要: 目的 调查河南农村青少年不良生活事件的流行特征及心理健康状况,分析不良生活事件与情绪紊乱(焦虑症和抑郁症)的相关性。方法 2019年5月采用横断面研究方法,整群抽取河南某县某高中12个班级和10所乡镇中学学生进行问卷调查。调查内容包括一般情况、儿童期生活事件、社会支持、儿童青少年抑郁和焦虑情况、以及儿童青少年躯体虐待情况。采用χ2检验及非条件Logistic回归分析等方法进行分析。结果 焦虑的检出率为23.22%,人际关系因子异常(OR=2.01, 95%CI:1.16~3.48)、学习压力因子异常(OR=2.61, 95%CI:1.81~3.75)和躯体虐待(OR=1.65,95%CI:1.15~2.37)是焦虑产生的危险因素(P<0.05)。抑郁的检出率为12.31%,人际关系因子异常(OR=1.90, 95%CI:1.01~3.55)、学习压力因子异常(OR=1.97, 95%CI:1.27~3.06)、健康适应因子异常(OR=1.93, 95%CI:1.05~3.55)是抑郁症状的危险因素(P<0.05)。多因素分析显示人际关系不良和学习压力大是两者的共同危险因素。结论 儿童青少年不良生活事件普遍存在,对儿童情绪紊乱的产生具有严重影响。加强中学生的心理健康教育,从各层面开展相关应对措施具重要的社会和现实意义。

关键词: 青少年, 不良生活事件, 焦虑症状, 抑郁症状

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