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Research advance in unconventional regulation of small non-coding RNAs in obesity

XIE Han-ying*, WANG Xing-yun, WANG Jun, HAN Shu-ping, CHEN Xiao-hui   

  1. *Department of Pediatrics,the Women's Hospital of Nanjing Medical University,Nanjing,Jiangsu 210004,China;
    The Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University,Xuzhou,Jiangsu 221000,China
  • Received:2020-01-11 Revised:2020-03-11 Online:2021-02-10 Published:2021-02-10
  • Contact: CHEN Xiao-hui,


谢寒影1,2, 王星云1, 王军2, 韩树萍1, 陈小慧1   

  1. 1.南京医科大学附属妇产医院,江苏 南京 210004;
    2.徐州医科大学附属医院,江苏 徐州 221000
  • 通讯作者: 陈小慧,
  • 作者简介:谢寒影(1993-),女,江苏人,在读研究生,主要研究方向为新生儿相关疾病的发病机制及治疗。
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Abstract: Obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder disease characterized by excessive fat accumulation,causing heavy burden to the health.In general,small non-coding RNAs (miRNAs) negatively regulate protein-coding gene expression at post-transcriptional level through being incorporated in RNA-induced silencing complex,which play an important role in the development of obesity.Recent studies suggest that miRNAs also can function in an unconventional manner,including interacting with the 5'untranslated region of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and enhancing their translation,indirectly regulating mRNAs in transcriptional level,targeting on non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs),regulating mitochondrial gene translation,encoding peptides and serving as ligands for Toll-like receptors.The discovery of these unconventional roles of miRNAs opens a new promising field of miRNAs research.In this review,recent literatures on these unconventional roles of miRNAs and the mechanisms associated with obesity are summarized.

Key words: obesity, metabolic syndrome, small non-coding RNA, non-coding RNA, lipid metabolism

摘要: 肥胖是一种以脂质过度堆积为特征的慢性代谢性疾病,给人们健康带来沉重的负担。小分子非编码RNAs(miRNAs)通常可通过沉默复合体抑制转录后基因表达,在肥胖的发生发展中起重要的作用。随着研究的深入,miRNAs的非经典调控方式逐渐走入人们的视野,包括结合编码RNAs(mRNAs)5'UTR激活基因表达、于转录水平调控mRNAs、作用于非编码RNAs(ncRNAs)、调控线粒体基因、编码调节肽、作为Toll受体的配体等。这些新型非经典调控方式为miRNAs作用和机制的研究打开了新世界的大门。本文就miRNAs的非经典调控方式以及与肥胖发生相关机制展开综述。

关键词: 肥胖, 代谢综合征, 小分子非编码RNA, 非编码RNA, 脂质代谢

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