journal1 ›› 2021, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (2): 151-155.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2020-0240

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Relationship between serum monoamine oxidase and obesity in children and adolescents

WANG Chun-qi*, LIU Lei, LIU Yang, XU Zhi-yong, WANG Yi-nuo, ZHUANG Xu-xiu, WEN De-liang   

  1. *Institute of Health Sciences,China Medical University,Shenyang,Liaoning 110122,China
  • Received:2020-02-22 Revised:2020-04-27 Online:2021-02-10 Published:2021-02-10
  • Contact: WEN De-liang,


王椿淇1, 刘磊1, 刘洋1, 许志勇2, 王一诺1, 庄绪秀1, 闻德亮1   

  1. 1.中国医科大学健康科学研究院,辽宁 沈阳 110122;
  • 通讯作者: 闻德亮,
  • 作者简介:王椿淇(1999-),男,辽宁人,学士学位,主要研究方向为儿童肥胖的发病机制与防控研究。
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Abstract: Objective To explore the relationship between serum monoamine oxidase level and obesity in children and adolescents and its correlation with cardiovascular and metabolic indexes,so as to provide theoretical basis for prevention and treatment of obesity and its related complications. Methods Totally 1 007 middle school students from Shenyang city were enrolled in this study to perform physical examination from April to Norember 2018,including body measurements and serum biochemical tests.And the results were analyzed according to different levels of obesity group. Results The rate of obesity was 14.40%,which was significantly higher in boys (16.33%) than girls (12.48%).One-way ANOVA showed that of the serum monoamine oxidase level of the obese group was higher than that of the normal by 16.32%[(8.48±2.10) U/L for obese group and (7.29±3.02) U/L for normal group,F=9.874,P<0.001].Logistic regression analysis showed that the increase of serum monoamine oxidase was a risk factor for obesity(OR=1.13,95%CI:1.06-1.20,P<0.001).Linear correlation and regression analysis showed that the serum monoamine oxidase level was correlated with body mass index(β=0.083,95%CI:0.025-0.140,P=0.005) and AST level (β=0.039,95%CI:0.003-0.075,P=0.032). Conclusion Serum monoamine oxidase might be involved in some physiological processes related to obesity such as fat metabolism and sugar metabolism,so that the increase of serum monoamine oxidase is a risk factor for obesity.

Key words: children and adolescents, obesity, overweight, monoamine oxidase

摘要: 目的 探究血清单胺氧化酶水平与儿童青少年肥胖程度及其与心血管代谢指标之间的关系,为肥胖及其相关并发症的预防和治疗提供理论依据。方法 于2018年4-11月对沈阳市1 007名中学生进行体检,包括身体测量和血清生化指标检测,并根据不同肥胖等级分组进行分析。结果 研究对象中肥胖率为14.40%,男性高于女性(16.33% vs. 12.48%)。单因素方差分析结果显示,肥胖组血清单胺氧化酶浓度比正常组高出16.32%[(8.48±2.10)U/L vs. (7.29±3.02)U/L,F=9.874,P<0.001];Logistic回归分析结果显示血清单胺氧化酶水平升高是发生肥胖的危险因素(OR=1.13,95%CI:1.06~1.20,P<0.001);线性相关与回归分析发现血清单胺氧化酶水平与休重指数(β=0.083,95%CI:0.025-0.140,P=0.005)及门冬氨酸氨基转移酶(β=0.039,95%CI:0.003~0.075,P=0.032)水平相关。结论 血清单胺氧化酶水平升高是肥胖发生的危险因素,血清单胺氧化酶可能参与了脂代谢、糖代谢等与肥胖相关的生理过程。

关键词: 儿童青少年, 肥胖, 超重, 单胺氧化酶

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