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Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding milk consumption of 3 364 pupils in some areas of Hainan Province and its influencing factors

GUO Jingyue, LIN Guotian, FENG Qiqin, ZHANG Tao, ZHONG Chengwang, CHENG Qiuyun, ZHANG Fan   

  1. International School of Public Health and One Health, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, Hainan 571199, China
  • Received:2022-11-22 Revised:2023-03-09 Online:2023-10-10 Published:2023-10-23
  • Contact: ZHANG Fan, E-mail:

海南省部分地区3 364名小学生饮奶相关知识、态度和行为现状及其影响因素分析

郭静悦, 林国天, 冯棋琴, 张滔, 钟成望, 程秋云, 张帆   

  1. 海南医学院公共卫生与全健康国际学院,海南 海口 571199
  • 通讯作者: 张帆,E-mail:
  • 作者简介:郭静悦(1998-),女,在读MPH硕士,主要研究方向为营养与健康。
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Abstract: Objective To understand the current situation of knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) regarding milk consumption among primary school students in Hainan Province, in order to provide reference for promoting nutrition of students. Methods By stratified sampling, one urban and one rural survey sites were selected in Hainan Province, and then a cluster of 10 primary schools were randomly selected from two survey sites in November 3—5,2021. Totally 3 426 primary school students in the third, fourth and fifth grades in the selected sites were surveyed by KAP questionnaire. Results The average score of the respondents on milk drinking related knowledge was 3.44±0.95, and 51.9% had good cognition of milk consumption. The average score of attitude was 4.20±0.98, and 81.2% had a positive attitude towards milk consumption. The average behavior score was 2.55±1.30, and 22.5% had good milk consumption behavior. Significant differences existed in the good behaviors on milk consumption among children with different gender, ethnic groups,grades and children between urban and rural areas (χ2=15.409,4.770,47.892,4.442, P<0.05). There were correlations between milk consumption related knowledge and attitude (r=0.233), between knowledge and behavior (r=0.173), between attitude and behavior (r=0.336) (P<0.001). Binary Logistic analysis showed thatgender was the influencing factor of good milk consumption behavior(OR=1.286,95%CI:1.088 - 1.516,P<0.001).Compared with students in the third grade, students in the fourth and fifth grade were higher likely to have good milk consumption behavior (the fourth grade: OR=1.900, 95%CI:1.544 - 2.338, P<0.001; the fifth grade: OR=1.745, 95%CI:1.436 - 2.122, P<0.001). High cognition (OR=1.357, 95%CI: 1.146 - 1.608, P<0.001) and positive attitude on good milk consumption behavior (OR=3.925, 95%CI:2.877 - 5.355, P<0.001) may significantly promote good milk consumption behavior. Conclusions Knowledge about milk consumption among primary school students in Hainan Province is still inadequate and their milk consumption behavior is poor, but their overall attitude is good. It is important to strengthen the popularization of nutrition among children and adolescents, especially in the upper grades and boys, and to focus on cultivating good milk consumption behavior.

Key words: primary school students, milk, knowledge attitude practice

摘要: 目的 了解海南省小学生饮奶相关知识、态度和行为现状,为儿童营养促进提供参考。方法 2021年11月3—5日通过分层抽样在海南省内抽取一个城市调查点和一个农村调查点,再随机抽取两个调查点共10所小学,抽中小学的所有在校三、四、五年级学生,共3 426名学生进行饮奶KAP问卷调查。结果 调查对象饮奶相关知识平均得分为(3.44±0.95)分,51.9%为饮奶高认知者;态度平均得分为(4.20±0.98)分,81.2%具有饮奶积极态度;行为平均得分为(2.55±1.30)分,22.5%具有良好饮奶行为。在饮奶相关行为上,性别、民族、年级和城乡差异有统计学意义(χ2分别为15.409、4.770、47.892、4.442,P<0.05)。饮奶相关知识和态度(r=0.233)、知识和行为(r=0.173)、态度和行为之间(r=0.336)之间有相关性(P<0.001)。二元Logistic分析结果显示,性别是小学生良好饮奶行的影响因素(OR=1.286,95%CI:1.088~1.516,P<0.001);与三年级学生相比,四、五年级学生良好饮奶行为可能性较高(四年级:OR=1.900,95%CI:1.544~2.338,P<0.001;五年级:OR=1.745,95%CI:1.436~2.122,P<0.001);高认知和积极的态度是良好饮奶行为的促进因素(OR=1.357,95%CI:1.146~1.608,P<0.001;OR=3.925,95%CI:2.877~5.355,P<0.001)。结论 海南省小学生饮奶相关知识仍有不足,饮奶行为较差,但总体态度较好,应加强儿童青少年,尤其是高年级学生和男生的营养科普,着力培养其良好饮奶行为。

关键词: 小学生, 奶类, 知信行

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