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Research progress in nutritional components and immunoregulatory factors of breast milk

LI Xiaoxiao, LUO Huipan, LAN Yanping, SU Guoping   

  1. Department of Pediatric, 989th Hospital of the Joint Logistic Support Force, Luoyang, Henan 471000, China
  • Received:2022-10-12 Revised:2023-01-13 Online:2023-10-10 Published:2023-10-23
  • Contact: SU Guoping,


李宵宵, 罗慧攀, 兰延平, 苏国平   

  1. 联勤保障部队第九八九医院儿科,河南 洛阳 471000
  • 通讯作者: 苏国平,E-mail:
  • 作者简介:李宵宵(1993-),女,住院医师,学士学位,主要从事儿科疾病的诊疗及研究。

Abstract: The composition of breast milk is complex, which contains many kinds of substances. The components of breast milk change dynamically with the growth of infants in order to meet the needs of growth and development in different stages. Therefore, breast milk is recognized as the best food for infant nutrition. In addition to comprehensive nutritional functions, a variety of bioactive components and microbiom in breast milk provide direct or indirect antibacterial and antiviral protection for infants, which can effectively reduce the risk of infectious diseases and play an important role in the development and maturation of infants′ immune system. This article briefly reviews the nutritional components of breast milk and its immune regulation process, in order to provide a basis for better understanding of the importance and superiority of breastfeeding, and to provide inspiration for the treatment and nursing of related diseases.

Key words: breast milk, nutritional components, immunoregulation, infant nursing

摘要: 母乳的成分复杂,构成物质种类繁多,其组分随着婴儿成长动态变化,以适应不同阶段的生长发育需求,被公认为婴儿的最佳食物。除了全面的营养功能,母乳中的多种生物活性成分以及微生物为婴儿提供直接或间接的抗菌、抗病毒保护,可有效降低感染性疾病风险,对婴儿的免疫系统发育成熟起着重要作用。本文对母乳的营养组分及其免疫调节过程进行简要综述,为加深理解母乳喂养的重要性和优越性提供依据,并为相关疾病治疗和护理提供启发。

关键词: 母乳, 营养组分, 免疫调节, 婴幼儿护理

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