journal1 ›› 2016, Vol. 24 ›› Issue (10): 1101-1103.DOI: 10.11852/zgetbjzz2016-24-10-27

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Accidental injuries and cognitive status quo investigation of children in Wanggang area.

KANG Jia1,PAN Yan-jun1,ZHAO Yan1,YANG Chen2,CAI Feng-zhu2.   

  1. 1 Pudong Wangang Community Health Service Center,Shanghai 201201,China;
    2 Pudong New District Center for Disease Control and Prevention,Shanghai 200136,China
  • Received:2015-12-21 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01
  • Contact: PAN Yan-jun,



  1. 1上海市浦东新区王港社区卫生服务中心,上海 201201;
    2上海市浦东新区疾病预防控制中心,上海 200136
  • 通讯作者: 潘燕君,
  • 作者简介:康佳(1987-),女,公卫医师初级,主要从事社区健康教育与健康促进。
  • 基金资助:

Abstract: Objective To understand the occurrence and knowledge of accidental injury of children in Wanggang area,to discuss the causes of accidental injury of children,provide targeted intervention measures to prevent accidental injury,and provide suggestions for reducing the incidence rate of accidental injury and improving the rate of correct knowledge of accidental injury. Methods Two primary schools in Wanggang area were selected as a research field and a questionnaire survey was carried out in all the students in grades 3~5.Epidata 3.1 was used to input the data of collected information and SPSS 18.0 was used for data analysis. Results The percentages of male and female students were respectively 59.26% and 40.74%;The highest education level of the parents of 916 students was middle school or below,accounting for 89.72%;942 students were children of migrant workers,accounting for 92.26%.The incidence rate of high-risk behavior in children was 51.91% and the incidence rate of accidental injury was 9.01%;The top three types of accidental injury were fall,animal injury and burns. Conclusions The incidence rates of high-risk behavior and accidental injury of children in Wanggang area are at a high level.The primary task of the health management intervention is to prevent the occurrence of fall,animal injury and burns in children.Compared with the fathers,the mothers′ education level has a greater impact on the children′s growth and education.

Key words: suburban areas, children, accidental injury, cognitive status

摘要: 目的 了解王港地区儿童意外伤害发生情况和认知现状,分析伤害发生的原因,为降低儿童意外伤害发生率和预防其发生提供有针对性的干预措施,并为提高儿童意外伤害认知率提供建议。方法 整群抽取王港地区两所小学作为研究现场,对现场中3~5年级的所有在校学生开展问卷调查,收集整理信息后用Epi Data 3.1进行资料录入,SPSS 18.0进行数据统计分析。结果 学龄儿童男女百分比分别为59.26%和40.74%;916名学生父母最高文化程度为初中及以下,所占百分比为89.72%;942名学生为外来务工人员携带儿童,所占百分比为92.26%。儿童高危行为发生率为51.91%,意外伤害发生率为9.01%;意外伤害类型构成排前三位的是跌倒/坠落、动物伤和烧烫伤。结论 王港地区儿童意外伤害高危行为和意外伤害发生率处于较高水平;防止儿童跌倒/坠落、动物伤和烧烫伤的发生是目前健康管理干预的首要任务;与父亲相比,母亲的文化程度对儿童的成长和教育影响较大。

关键词: 城郊结合地区, 儿童, 意外伤害, 认知现状

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