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Prevalence of hypertension among children and adolescents in China:a Meta-analysis.

LIU Yang,KUANG Man-hua,LIU Ye,YANG Qing-ting,XIE Xin-xin,RANG Wei-qing.   

  1. School of Public Health,University of South China,Hengyang,Hunan 421001,ChinaCorresponding author:RANG Wei-qing,
  • Received:2016-09-13 Online:2017-01-10 Published:2017-01-10
  • Contact: RANG Wei-qing,



  1. 南华大学公共卫生学院,湖南 衡阳 421001
  • 通讯作者: 让蔚清,
  • 作者简介:刘洋(1992-),女,在读硕士,主要从事儿童慢性病预防与控制研究。
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Abstract: Objective A Meta-analysis is conducted to systematically review the findings of all the past 15 years' studies and estimate the overall prevalence of hypertension of Chinese children and adolescents,and to grasp the epidemiological characteristics and provide evidence for targeted prevention measures. Methods Comprehensive electronic searches of Chinese Web of Knowledge (CNKI),Wei Pu (VIP),Wan Fang,PubMed and Web of Science were conducted to identify any study in each database published from January 1,2000 to December 31,2015,reporting the prevalence of hypertension of Chinese children and adolescents.Then,combining prevalence rate in R software. Results Totally 48 studies were included in this study.The hypertension prevalence of Chinese children and adolescents was 6.47%(95%CI=5.41%~7.73%).Males were higher than females regardless of age (puberty 6.75% vs 5.87%,before puberty 9.25% vs 7.61%).The female growth of prevalence rate was slower than men.The north(7.91%)was more serious than the south(5.31%)and the prevalence of the east was the highest.Meanwhile,the urban(8.70%)was more serious than the rural(7.60%);In general,the rate decreased (8.06% vs 5.10%),but rebounded in the past five years (6.89%). Conclusions The prevalence of hypertension in Chinese children and adolescents can not be ignored.Health education,reasonable diet and exercise are all the necessary measure.

Key words: adolescent, hypertension, prevalence, Meta-analysis, child

摘要: 目的 采用Meta分析了解近16年中国儿童青少年高血压患病率,分析高血压流行情况及特征,为制定降低儿童青少年高血压患病率的防治策略提供基础依据。方法 系统检索中国知网、维普、万方、PubMed和Web of Science数据库2000年1月1日-2015年12月31日发表的有关中国儿童青少年高血压患病情况的文献,采用R软件进行率值合并。结果 纳入48篇文献,中国儿童青少年高血压患病率为6.47%(95%CI=5.41%~7.73%)。青春期前及青春期的高血压患病率男性均高于女性(青春期前6.75% vs 5.87%,青春期9.25% vs 7.61%),青春期女性高血压患病率增长速度较男性慢;北方省份(7.91%)高于南方省份(5.31%);东、中、西部省份高血压患病率由高到低依次为东部(6.58%)、中部(5.99%)、西部(5.97%);城市(8.70%)高于乡村(7.60%);总体患病率年度变化呈下降趋势(8.06% vs 5.10%),近五年有所反弹(6.89%)。结论 中国儿童青少年高血压患病率处于不容忽视的较高水平,还须继续通过加强健康教育、制定合理膳食、运动计划等多方面进行干预。

关键词: 青少年, 高血压, 患病率, Meta分析, 儿童

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