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Related factors and current status on simple obesity of preschool children in Zhuhai

QI Xiao-bing, BEI Wei-hong, FENG Xiu-juan, GUO Xiao-bao, ZHENG Miao-hong   

  1. Zhuhai Hospital of Child and Maternal,Zhuhai,Guangdong 519000,China
  • Received:2016-08-11 Online:2017-06-10 Published:2017-06-10


戚小兵, 贝伟红, 冯秀娟, 郭小宝, 郑妙虹   

  1. 珠海市妇幼保健院,广东 珠海 519000
  • 作者简介:戚小兵(1979-),男,江苏人,副主任医师,硕士学位,研究方向为群体儿童保健。

Abstract: Objective To know current status and related factors on simple obesity of preschool in Zhuhai for further interventions. Methods Data of height and weight of preschool children in all kindergartens were collected from 2011 to 2016.A 1∶1 paired case-control study was performed in 10 kindergartens from 3 districts in Zhuhai,with 143 available simple obesity children as case group and 143 gender,age and height matched randomized selected healthy children from same kindergarten as control group.Questionnaires were used to investigate the socioeconomic factors and the other related factors that may be associated with simple obesity. Results The morbidity of simple obesity of preschool children in Zhuhai was 6.12% and showed a rising trend annually from 2011 to 2016 (P<0.01).The morbidity on simple obesity of boy group was higher than that of girl group and with higher preschool age,there was a higher morbidity of simple obesity (P<0.01).This study found that birth weight heaver than 4 000 g,eating fast and overweight or obesity of parents were risk factors for simple obesity of preschool children.Exercise time more than 2h after school per day and the guardian knowing the child's weight were protection factors. Conclusions There is a rising trend for the morbidity of simple obesity of preschool children in Zhuhai.Various factors are related with preschool obesity.Parents should pay attention to their weight and cultivate healthy behaviors for preschool children to reduce the level of morbidity of simple obesity.

Key words: preschool children, simple obesity, current status, related factors

摘要: 目的 了解珠海市学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖的流行现况,初步探讨学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖的相关因素,为干预学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖提供依据。方法 调查资料来源于2011-2016年的托幼机构体检数据,使用1∶1病例对照方法筛查学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖危险因素,143名病例来自于3个区的10所托幼机构,对照为同性别、年龄、身高相近健康儿童。采用问卷调查收集病例和对照儿童的家庭、社会学因素以及可能与肥胖相关的因素。结果 珠海市2011-2016年学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖发生率为6.12%,并呈现上升趋势(P<0.01),男童组发生率高于女童组,且随着年龄增长肥胖发生率越高,均具有统计学意义(P<0.01)。学龄前儿童出生体重≥4 000 g,吃饭速度快,父母亲超重或/和肥胖是学龄前儿童肥胖的危险因素,放学后户外活动超过2 h、家长正确填报儿童体重是其保护因素。结论 珠海市学龄前儿童单纯性肥胖发生率呈现上升趋势,其相关因素复杂多样,家长应注意自身体重管理,培养儿童良好生活习惯,降低儿童单纯肥胖发生率。

关键词: 学龄前儿童, 单纯性肥胖, 流行现况, 相关因素

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