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Physical fitness monitoring data analysis and life style survey of Zibo 3~6-year-old children in 2010

ZHANG Bao-guo1,WANG Jing2,WANG Xiao-di1   

  1. 1 School of Physical Education,Shandong University of Technology,Zibo,Shandong 251500,China;
    2 Zibo Vocational Institute,Zibo,Shandong 255049,China
  • Received:2014-02-26 Online:2014-11-10 Published:2014-11-10



  1. 1 山东理工大学体育学院,山东 淄博 251500;
    2 淄博职业学院,山东 淄博 255049
  • 作者简介:张保国(1979),男,山东人,副教授,硕士学位,主要研究方向为体育与健康促进。

Abstract: Objective To understand the status of physical fitness and life style condition of 3~6-year-old children in Zibo,to promote national fitness campaign of Zibo and to provide a basis for formulating children's sports policy. Methods A total of 704 children aged 3~6-year-old were selected to physical test and questionnaire investigation adopting the principle of random cluster sampling,and their shape indexes,function indexes,quality indexes and lifestyle were analyzed. Results The age differences of Zibo 3~6-year-old children's physique test indexes was significant.The height,sitting height,body weight of 3~6-year-old male children had no significant difference with female children,but the bust was significantly larger than female children,and infant upper arm,shoulder sebaceous thickness of 4 and 5-year-old male chileren were less than the same age female children.For physical quality,the upper and lower extremity strength,speed and agility of male children were better than female children,but the flexibility and balance ability were contrast.Characteristics of Zibo 3~6-year-old children were high and strong,more subcutaneous fat,but physical quality outstanding,better strength,speed,sensitivity and weaker balance ability,general flexibility and coordination.As diet life style,Zibo children needed to reduce the intake of high calorie or low nutrition food. Conclusions The age and gender differences of 3~6-year-old children's physique test indexes are significant in Zibo.Strengthen physical training and improve their life style is an effective way to enhance children's physical fitness.

Key words: physical fitness monitoring, life style, children

摘要: 目的 了解淄博市3~6岁儿童体质状况及生活方式现状,推动淄博市全民健身运动的开展、制定相应的儿童体育政策提供依据。方法 采取随机整群抽样的原则选取704名3~6岁儿童进行体质测试和问卷调查,并对形态指标、机能指标、素质指标及生活方式进行分析。结果 淄博市3~6岁男女童体质测试指标的年龄差异均非常显著。淄博市3~6岁男童的身高、坐高、体重与女童无显著差异,而胸围则明显大于女童,4、5岁男性儿童的上臂、肩胛部皮脂厚度则小于同龄女童;身体素质方面,男童的上下肢力量、速度和灵敏性优于女童,而柔韧性和平衡能力则弱于女童。淄博3~6岁儿童的特点是体型高壮、皮下脂肪较多,心脏功能较弱,力量、速度、灵敏性较好而平衡能力较弱,柔韧及协调性一般。淄博市儿童的生活方式中,饮食方面需要注意减少高热量、低营养食物的摄入。结论 淄博市3~6岁儿童体质测试指标的年龄差异和性别差异均显著,加强体育锻炼、改善不良生活方式是增强儿童体质的有效途径。

关键词: 体质监测, 生活方式, 儿童

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