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Analysis of early screening results of developmental dysplasia of the hip in infants

ZHANG Yan-li   

  1. Dongyang Red Cross Hospital,Dongyang,Zhejiang 322100,China
  • Received:2014-10-09 Online:2015-03-10 Published:2015-03-10



  1. 东阳市红十字会医院,浙江 东阳 322100
  • 作者简介:张颜丽(1972-),女,儿保科主任,主治医师,研究方向为儿童早期发展和行为发育。

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the significance of early screening and intervention of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) in infant in primary child health. Methods In adminster districts 2 519 children at age of 1 to 3 months were taken hip special physical examination.A total of 801 infants with positive check-up signs were examined by hip ultrasound with Graf's method.The screening results were analyzed. Results A total of 59 cases of DDH were detected in 2 519 infants with the morbidity of 2.34%;The DDH of male were 10 while female were 49,with obviously more female than male;The two clinical examinations had the biggest significant if they were combined. Conclusion DDH early screening in primary child health care has very important significance in striving for the optimal timing of correction and treatment for the disease.

Key words: developmental dysplasia of the hip, physical examination, type-B Ultrasonography, infant

摘要: 目的 对婴儿进行早期检查,及早发现发育性髋关节异常(developmental dysplasia of the hip,DDH),为早期干预治疗提供依据。方法 通过对辖区2 519名1~3月婴儿进行髋关节专项体格检查,筛选出的801名高危小婴儿采用R.Graf方法进行B超检查。对筛查结果进行统计分析。结果 在801名临床体征阳性的婴儿共检出DDH 59例,占体检总人数的2.34%;其中男性10例,女性49例,女性明显多于男性,左侧多于右侧;两项临床体征合并后诊断意义最大。结论 在基层儿童保健工作中开展DDH早期筛查工作,为该疾病争取最佳校正和治疗时机,具有非常重要的意义。

关键词: 发育性髋关节异常, 髋关节临床筛查, B超检查, 婴儿

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