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Incidences and characteristics of injury among adolescents in China:a Meta-analysis.

ZHANG Yi-tian,WAN Xing,YU Xiao-ming,WANG Jia.   

  1. Institute of Child and Adolescent Health,Peking University,Beijing 100191,China
  • Received:2016-03-09 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01
  • Contact: YU Xiao-ming,



  1. 北京大学儿童青少年卫生研究所,北京 100191
  • 通讯作者: 余小鸣,
  • 作者简介:张译天(1990-),女,山西人,硕士研究生在读,主要研究方向为青少年伤害。

Abstract: Objective To analyze the incidence and to examine traits relevent to the variations in incidences of adolescent injury among studies. Methods Wanfang,CNKI,EBSCO and PubMed Databases were searched for adolescent injury data,based on quantitative studies from 2005 to 2015.Meta-analysis was used to calculate the pooled size of effect and to identify the sources of variation using STATA 12.0. Results A total of 71 articles were identified in the review.Results showed that the estimated injury number of people and person-time were 26.4% (95%CI:21.8%~31.1%) and 24.0% (95%CI:22.4%~25.7%),respectively.Differences by gender,grade and location could be found. Conclusion Male and middle school students are more vulnerable to get injured,which indicates close attention should be paid to those groups.

Key words: injury, adolescent, incidence, Meta-analysis

摘要: 目的 了解我国10年来青少年伤害发生的基本情况和主要特征,为今后青少年伤害的预防措施和政策制定提供依据。方法 系统检索中国知网、万方数据库、EBSCO及PubMed数据库,收集2005-2015年发表的有关我国青少年伤害发生率的文献,采用Meta分析估计伤害发生率,按照性别、学段和研究地区进行亚组分析,并进行敏感性分析和发表偏倚的评价。结果 依据入选、排除标准,最终纳入全文文献71篇,涉及总样本量833 193人。研究结果显示,青少年伤害的人数发生率合并效应值为26.4%(95%CI:21.8%~31.1%);人次发生率的合并效应值为24.0%(95%CI:22.4%~25.7%)。男生伤害发生率(30.4%)高于女生(24.2%)(P<0.01),初中生发生率(29.4%)高于高中生(24.5%)(P<0.01),东部地区青少年伤害发生率(27.5%)高于其他地区(P<0.01)。监测类文献对本次研究结果影响较大。结论 我国青少年伤害现状不容乐观,性别、学段、地区间差异明显。在今后研究中,应对重点人群开展有针对性的预防策略。同时应进一步改进针对伤害发生率的研究方法,提高研究质量。

关键词: 伤害, 青少年, 发生率, Meta分析

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