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Survey on the current status of the the children's growth in Yan'an

LI She-li1,LI Xia1,SHI Chao-ling2,DU Fei-fei1,ZHANG Wen-tao3,ZHANG Yong-hong4,YIN Ming-ping4   

  1. 1 Affiliated Hospital of Yan'an University,Yan'an,Shaanxi 716000,China;
    2 Airport Zone Hospital of Zhengzhou First People's Hospital,Zhengzhou,Henan 451164,China;
    3 Xianyang Hospital of Yan'an University,Xianyang,Shaanxi 712000,China;
    4 Baota District of Yan'an Center for Disease Control and Prevention,Yan'an,Shaanxi 716000,China
  • Received:2015-01-25 Online:2015-09-10 Published:2015-09-10
  • Contact: LI Xia,



  1. 1 延安大学附属医院,陕西 延安 716000;
    2 郑州市第一人民医院港区医院,河南 郑州 451164;
    3 延安大学咸阳医院,陕西 咸阳 712000;
    4 延安市宝塔区疾病预防控制中心,陕西 延安 716000
  • 通讯作者: 李霞,
  • 作者简介:李社莉(1964-),女,内分泌科主任,硕士生导师,主要从事内分泌工作。

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the children's physical growth in primary schools in Yan'an,and to promote the physical development of local children. Methods The general informations such as sleep,exercise,diet,etc.were surveyed through a questionnaire.The body heights and weights were messured and analyzed based on their gender,age and reginal distribution,then compared with the standard from the physical survey of the children from nine cities of China in 2005,also factors posssibly affected the physical growth of local pupils were analyzed. Results 1)The height of children in Yan'an increased with age,but was lower than the physical standard of the nine cities in 2005 (P<0.05),no matter those living in urban areas or surburban areas.Also the gap increased with age,especially in surburban areas.2)Compared with the standard of the nine cities in 2005,there was no difference in weight for children before 12 years old in Yan'an,which increased with age also,but after 12 years old,the gap of weight between children in Yan'an and the standard of nine cities became bigger and bigger for both girls and boys in urban areas,as well as the girls in surburban areas in Yan'an(P<0.05).3)Factors on weight and height of children in Yan'an were analyzed,the results showed that taking cod-liver oil and milk more,going to bed before 10 pm and exercising regularly could promote the physical growth,after controlling the genetic factors,such as their gender,the height of their mother,ect. Conclusions The physical growth of Yan'an children was relatively slow and there was increasing gap with age,compared to the standard of nine cities.This research also found that physical growth of local children could be improved by better nutrition and more exercises.

Key words: growth and development, height, weight, affecting factors

摘要: 目的 了解延安市学龄儿童体格发育现状,并分析相关因素,为促进当地儿童体格发育提供基础资料。方法 整群抽样延安市城区和郊区各3所小学,被抽取小学所有儿童参加调查,测量儿童身高、体重,同时采用问卷,调查儿童睡眠、运动、饮食等情况,按照性别、年龄、区域分析身高、体重特点,并与2005年中国九市儿童体格调查数据进行比较,分析影响当地学龄儿童体格发育的可能因素。结果 1)延安市学龄儿童身高与2005年中国九市儿童体格标准比较,无论城区还是郊区,身高普遍低于九市标准(P<0.05),且随年龄增大差距有增大趋势,郊区儿童身高表现更明显。2)体重与九市儿童标准比较,12岁之前差异不明显,12岁之后,城区男女生、郊区女生与九市儿童差距逐渐增大(P<0.05)。3)控制母亲身高、儿童性别等遗传因素后,补充鱼肝油、喝奶、晚上10点之前睡觉、经常运动等因素可促进延安市学龄儿童体格发育。结论 延安市学龄儿童体格发育较全国平均水平落后,且随着年龄的增长差距逐渐增大,积极改善营养、加强运动或可提高学龄儿童体格发育水平。

关键词: 生长发育, 身高, 体重, 影响因素

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