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Epidemiological analysis of children′s ocular trauma in Ganzhou city.

TAN Mei-hua1,HU Chang-qing1,LIU Yan-qing2,XIONG Li-jiao3,TANG Peng-jun4.   

  1. 1 Ganzhou People′s Hospital,Ganzhou,Jiangxi 341000,China;
    2 Ganzhou Maternal & Child Healthcare Hospital,Ganzhou,Jiangxi 341000,China;
    3 The First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical Univercity,Ganzhou,Jiangxi 341000,China;
    4 Ganzhou Day-star Eye Hospital,Ganzhou,Jiangxi 341000,China
  • Received:2015-12-23 Online:2016-10-01 Published:2016-10-01



  1. 1 赣州市人民医院,江西 赣州 341000;
    2 赣州市妇幼保健院,江西 赣州 341000;
    3 赣南医学院第一附属医院,江西 赣州 341000;
    4 赣州市启明星眼科医院,江西 赣州 341000
  • 作者简介::谭美华(1988-),女,医学硕士,主要从事眼外伤及眼表疾病诊治临床工作。

Abstract: Objective To investigate the clinical epidemiology characteristics of children′s ocular trauma in Ganzhou city of Jiangxi province to carry out the better work for blindness prevention and treatment. Method Totally 734 eyes of 693 children with ocular trauma in 4 hospitals of Ganzhou city from July 2013 to July 2015 were collected,all kinds of causes of injuries were summarized and the data including age,environment,occurrence time,clinic time,character,complication,treatment and vision were analyzed in this retrospective study. Results Causes of children′s ocular trauma were varied,and the most common injuries were contacted with sharp scissors,and firecrackers wounding,falling,dropping and alkali burning were concurrently ranked second.Most traumas were unintentional injury.The age group of 11~14 years old had the highest incidence,whose main causes were mainly blast injuries and the beaten by others.The public places were the most common circumstance but the school accounted for only 6.62% of damage.Country and town (72.11%) had higher incidence than city.26.12% children were injured in January and February.The average clinic time was (16.8±1.7) hours.Perforating injuries were the most common type,which were followed by eye contusion.The most common traumatic complications were cataract of 201 sick eyes and hyphema of 197 sick eyes.Most of children injured were relatively saved the vision with effective treatment,some of who experienced several different operations.The rate of blindness after eye trauma was about 21.79% except the uncooperative patients. Conclusions The morbidity of ocular trauma in children is high and lead to high disability rate.Prevention is the important work to reduce the incidence of injury.It is necessary for reducing the blindness rate to strengthen publicity and education about eye trauma and take precautionary measures in advance and accurate treatment afterwards.

Key words: ocular trauma, epidemiology, prevention, children

摘要: 目的 分析江西省赣州市693例儿童眼外伤的特点,以便更好地开展本市儿童防盲治盲工作。方法 收集2013年7月-2015年7月于赣州市4家医院住院的693例734眼儿童眼外伤病例,总结各种受伤原因,对发病年龄 、发生地点、发生时间、就诊时间、致伤性质、并发症、治疗及视力等情况进行回顾性研究。结果 儿童眼外伤原因多样,接触剪子致伤最多见,爆竹炸伤、跌倒、跌落、碱烧伤等同列第二,多属意外伤害。儿童眼外伤最高发于11~14岁,以爆炸伤及被他人殴打损伤为主。发生地点以公共场所为主,校园最少,仅占6.62%;72.11%发生于农村及县镇,1月份及2月份最多,占26.12%,平均就诊时间(16.8±1.7)h。外伤性质以眼球穿孔伤为主,并发症中前房积血(201眼)和白内障(197眼)排前二位。大部分儿童眼外伤经治疗后视力有一定程度提高,部分需经历多次手术,除外检查不合作者,致盲率达21.79%。结论 儿童眼外伤发病率及伤残率高,积极采取有针对性的预防措施,伤后及时准确的治疗,可减少儿童眼外伤发生,降低致盲率。

关键词: 眼外伤, 流行病学, 预防, 儿童

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