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Distribution features of SNAP-Ⅳ scores in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ZHANG Jun1, ZHANG Wei1, GAO Ping1, WEN Fei-qiu2   

  1. 1. Department of Paediatrics,Shenzhen People's Hospital,Second Clinical Medical College of Jinan University,Shenzhen,Guangdong 518020,China;
    2. Shenzhen Children's Hospital,Shenzhen,Guangdong 518000,China
  • Received:2013-11-26 Online:2014-09-10 Published:2014-09-10
  • Contact: WEN Fei-qiu,


张军1, 张蔚1, 高平1, 文飞球2   

  1. 1. 暨南大学第二临床学院深圳市人民医院儿科, 广东 深圳 518020;
    2. 深圳市儿童医院, 广东 深圳 518000
  • 通讯作者: 文飞球,
  • 作者简介:张军(1974-), 男, 主治医师, 学士学位, 主要研究方向为小儿神经。

Abstract: Objective To promote application of SNAP-Ⅳ scale in diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment ADHD. Methods Sex compositions,age groups and SNAP-Ⅳ scores were evaluated in 205 children with ADHD (93 ADHD-I,33 ADHD-HI and 79 ADHD-C) who met the 4th edition of Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental disorder criteria(DSM-Ⅳ). Results The inattention scores and hyperactivity scores of SNAP-Ⅳ with the ADHD children were normal distribution.Mean value of inattention scores was 2.09±0.33,mean value of hyperactivity scores was 1.99±0.34.when the inattention score of SNAP-Ⅳ was more than 1.54,or the hyperactivity score was more than 1.43,it will perhaps meet with ADHD. Conculsion SNAP-Ⅳ Scale is an important tool of diagnosing ADHD and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment ADHD.

Key words: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, SNAP-Ⅳ, children

摘要: 目的 研究推广SNAP-Ⅳ父母等级评定量表在注意缺陷多动障碍(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,ADHD)诊断和疗效评估中的应用。方法 对符合美国《精神障碍诊断与统计手册(第4版)》ADHD诊断标准的205患儿(注意缺陷型ADHD 93例、多动-冲动型ADHD 33例和混合型ADHD 79例),分别对性别比、年龄组成、SNAP-Ⅳ父母等级评定量表评分分布特征进行评估。结果 ADHD患儿的注意力缺陷、多动/冲动子量表SNAP评分均服从正态分布,注意缺陷子量表均分2.09±0.33 ,多动/冲动子量表均分为1.99±0.34。注意缺陷子量表均分大于1.54,多动/冲动子量表均分大于1.43,应考虑ADHD的相应诊断。结论 SNAP-Ⅳ父母等级评定量表是ADHD诊断和疗效评估的重要工具。

关键词: 注意缺陷多动障碍, SNAP-Ⅳ量表, 儿童

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