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Screening results and analysis of retinopathy of prematurity among premature infants in Huzhou area

LEI Zhao-xia,TANG Jian-bo,LOU Zhi-wu,LU Li,LI Jiang   

  1. Huzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Huzhou,Zhejiang 313000,China
  • Received:2017-06-01 Online:2017-11-10 Published:2017-11-10



  1. 湖州妇幼保健院眼科,浙江 湖州 313000
  • 作者简介:雷朝霞(1972-), 女,山西人,副主任医师, 硕士学位, 研究方向为新生儿眼病及儿童屈光不正斜弱视。

Abstract: Objective To analyze the incidence and prognosis of retinopathy of prematurity(ROP) in Huzhou and to find high risk factors for children with ROP in order to provide early intervention. Methods A total of 784 premature children with weight not more than 2 000 g,gestational age under 34 weeks and combined with oxygen inhalation,choking,intrauterine infection,and other critical illness at 34~37 weeks during gestation were enrolled in this study.And eyes were by Retcam. Results The rate of ROP in children was 11.23% among 784 premature children and 13.48% of children with ROP received operation.The morbidity of ROP was related to birth weight(F=58.78,P<0.01),gestational age (F=24.05,P<0.01),and lower growth rate within 8 weeks later after birth(F=3.605,P<0.05). Conclusions Birth weight,gestational age,long-term oxygen inhalation and low postnatal weight gain remain the important risk factors for ROP,and low postnatal weight gain may have no reference to prognostic.The conclusion suggests attention should be paid to the growth and development of the whole body in children patients during ophthalmic screening.

Key words: retionpathy of prematurity, incidence, retrospective studies

摘要: 目的 分析湖州地区早产儿视网膜病变(ROP)的发病情况及预后,以便早发现ROP患儿的高危因素,从中筛出严重ROP患儿使其得到及时干预。方法 回顾性分析胎龄<34周或出生体重≤2 000 g及34~37周合并有吸氧、窒息、宫内感染等高危因素的早产患儿784例,采用Ret Cam Ⅲ对眼底进行筛查。结果 784例早产儿中,ROP的发病率为11.23%,发生ROP患儿手术率13.48%。ROP的发病率与出生体重(F=58.78,P<0.01)、出生胎龄(F=24.05,P<0.01)及出生8周后体重增长率缓慢有关(F=3.605,P<0.05)。严重ROP因素分析显示出生孕周与出生体重以及连续7 d以上的吸氧均是重要的影响因素,差异均有统计学意义(P<0.05);出生后体重增长率缓慢,差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论 ROP的发病率与出生体重、胎龄、长期吸氧及出生后体重增长缓慢有关,预后与出生后体重增长缓慢无关。应在眼科筛查中密切注意患儿全身的生长发育情况。

关键词: 早产儿视网膜病变, 发生率, 回顾性研究

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