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    06 June 2012, Volume 20 Issue 6
    Study on visual evoked potential in children with learning disability
    ZHANG Kai-feng,XU Xiu,FENG Jing-jing,LIU Jing
    2012, 20(6):  489-491. 
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    【Objective】 To study the pattern reversal visual evoked potential (PRVEP) characteristics of children with learning disability. 【Methods】 The group of 42 children with learning disability(LD) were diagnosed by ICD-10.The control group of 37 normal children were from ordinary primary schools.They were tested by PRVEP at five levels of spatial frequency. 【Results】 1)As spatial frequency increaseing,the latencies of P100 in the two groups of children were extended.And the amplitudes of P100 in the two groups of children were reduced.2)The latencies of P100 wave were significantly prolonged at all five spatial frequency in the LD group compared with the control group(P<0.05).The amplitudes of P100 in the LD group were significantly smaller than those in the control group at the 27',13',7' three spatial frequency(P<0.05). 【Conclusions】 The latencies of P100 wave are longer and the amplitudes are smaller in LD group than those in control group.It is indicated that the transmission function of retinal ganglion cells to the visual center deal difficultly in the children with LD and the visual information processing speed slow down.
    Analysis on the visual acuity of the preschool children from 4~6 years old in the city of Nanjing
    WEI Ning,WU Guang-qiang,WANG Miao,XUE Zi-ying,YE Cheng,XU Jing,TONG Mei-ling
    2012, 20(6):  492-494. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the visual acuity situation and development trend of the preschool children from 4~6 years old and in order to provide the theory basis for the preschool children's vision evaluation. 【Method】 The preschool children from 4~6 years old in the city of Nanjing attended the visual acuity examination and refraction screening in the year of 2011.The results of visual acuity with refraction screening passed were analyzed. 【Results】 The curve of visual development with normal refraction increased as the age increasing.Visual acuity at P5,P25,P50 was 4.7,4.8,4.9 of 4 years old; 4.8,4.9,4.9 of 5 years old,and 4.8,4.9,5.0 of 6 years old.The rate of visual acuity ≤P5 was higher in the children with abnormal refraction than the children with normal refraction (P<0.01). 【Conclusions】 The development of visual acuity from 4~6 years old children is continuously prefected as the age increasing.It is important to combine refraction screening and vision monitoring termly and continuously in order to decrease the rate of amblyopia.
    Study on the temperamental and behavioral characteristics in preschool children with recurrent respiratory tract infections
    CHEN Li-wen,WU Yin,LI Yan-yan,ZHANG Xiao-yan,WU Xiao-yue,CHEN Chun-yang,WU Xiang-ying,QIU Hai-yan
    2012, 20(6):  495-497. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the temperamental and behavioral characteristics in preschool children with recurrent respiratory tract infections. 【Methods】 145 preschool children aged 4~5 years old with recurrent respiratory tract infections served as recurrent respiratory tract infections (RRTIs) group,244 healthy children served as control group and all were from 5 kindergartens.Using the "NYLS children's temperament questionnaire for 3~7 years old "and "Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist for parents",the temperament and the behavior of the children were rated. 【Results】 The difference in six temperament dimensions activity level,rhythmicity,phobotaxis,adaptability,intensity of reaction,distractibility was significant (P<0.05),as well as the qualities type's distribution between RRTIs group and control group(P<0.01).The adaptability was related to recurrent respiratory tract infections.In boys,difference in the incidence rate of behavior problems was significant between the RRTIs group and the control group (P<0.05),the scores of body problem,depression,immaturity,schizophymia,aggressivity were significantly higher in RRTIs group than in control group (P<0.05).In girls,the incidence rate of behavior problems and the scores of eight behavior factors were also significantly higher in RRTI group than in control group (P<0.05). 【Conclusion】 There is difference in temperamental characteristics between children with recurrent respiratory tract infections and normal children,adaptability is related to the occurrence of recurrent respiratory tract infections,children with recurrent respiratory tract infections are prone to have behavior problems.
    Survey on intelligence development and social adaptability of children aged from 4 to 7 years in the representative areas of Jiangsu province
    LIU Yan,ZHA Shu-wei,CHEN Yin-hua,WANG Jing-ling,CAO Yang,XU Xiao-yan,LIU Qi-lan
    2012, 20(6):  498-500. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the level and the distribution characteristics of intelligence development of children aged from 4 to 7 years old in Jiangsu Province by the means of intelligence screening and analysis of data. 【Methods】 The development quotient (DQ) and mental index (MI) of children aged below 6 years old were detected with development screening test (DST) of children aged from 0 to 6 years old which established by Pediatric Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University to detect the social adaptability,intelligence,and exercise ability of these children.And the social viability of children over 6 years old was evaluated by the social viability scale for infant and students at junior school. 【Results】 Among 8 439 children below 6 years old,there were 7 704 (91.3%) with normal DQ,152 (1.8%) with abnormal DQ,and 583 (6.9%) between normal and abnormal DQ.But for MI,the normal accounted for 89.3% (n=7 583),the abnormal for 3.1% (n=265),and the others between normal and abnormal for 7.0% (n=591).For these children,there was no significant difference of DQ and MI between boys and girls.In total,10 748 children over 6 years old were investigated the social viability.There was no significant difference between different age groups,but the social viability of girls was significantly higher than that of boys.In addition,the levels of DQ,MI and social viability were closely related to region distribution,such as urban or rural,southern,central or northern in Jiangsu province. 【Conclusion】 The intervention of children's development in the rural and the northern of Jiangsu province should be enhanced.
    Impacts of parents' psychological factors during pregnancy on temperament of 1-month infants
    WANG Hai-ning,SHI Hui-jing,ZHANG Yu,LI Dan
    2012, 20(6):  501-503. 
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    【Objective】 To examine impacts of parents'psychological factors during pregnancy on temperament of 1 month infants. 【Methods】 A follow-up study was conducted in urban Shanghai.Parents' pregnant pressure,general status of mental health,anxiety,and marriage satisfaction during pregnancy were measured by structural questionnaire in a prenatal care visit of the 28th week.And temperament questionnaire of 1-month infant was filled by parents in postnatal care visit. 【Results】 Among 9 dimensions of temperament,gender difference was only found for adjustability among those 1-month infants.Characteristics of the infants' temperament were significantly related to anxiety of fathers,mentatal status of mothers,and perceptions of marital satisfaction of both parents,even after controlling for some key covariants. 【Conclusions】 Psychological factors during pregnancy can have impacts on temperament of 1-month infants.Strengthening mental health care for pregnant women and their husband may optimize the temperament of infants.
    Effect of a pilot intervention on setting up long-term mechanism of neonatal resuscitation training in 4 counties in China
    XU Tao,GONG Li-min,WANG Hui-shan,YU Gui-fen,ZHENG Xiao-xia,ZHANG Peng,XU Guan-bing
    2012, 20(6):  504-506. 
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    【Objective】 To evaluate the effect of a pilot intervention on setting up long-term mechanism of neonatal resuscitation training in 4 counties in China. 【Methods】 A random control survey was conducted in the intervention counties and 4 randomly selected control counties in the China-Australia Health & HIV/AIDS Facility(CAHHF)project to evaluate the impact of intervention.The contents of the survey included knowledge and self-confidence score of health providers,in-hospital regulations and rules,and changes of asphyxia incidence and mortality. 【Results】 1) Over 90% of intervention hospitals had carried out neonatal resuscitation related regulations requiring that trained paediatricians participate in case discussion of high-risk delivery and onsite resuscitation,while in control hospitals less than 55% had such requirements.2) The average knowledge score of health providers in the intervention and control counties were 9.19±1.18 and 8.40±1.52 respectively (t=3.922,P<0.001).The average self-confidence score in the two groups were 57.33±2.50 and 54.09±8.19 respectively (t=3.541,P=0.001).For some core questions,the correct answer rates were less than 70% in the control group and was significantly lower than that in the intervention group.3) The incidence of birth asphyxia (defined as Apgar score≤7) decreased from 8.83% to 5.99% (χ2=11.300,P=0.001) in the intervention counties,and the intrapartum-related deaths in the delivery room decreased from 27.60/105 to 5.03/1052=3.142,P=0.076).No significantly changes of asphyxia incidence and mortality were found in the control counties. 【Conclusions】 Setting up long-term mechanism of neonatal resuscitation training is an effective method to strengthen in-hospital training,promote department coordination,build up capability for neonatal resuscitation and therefore,can decrease the incidence of neonatal asphyxia.
    Status of in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding and its influence factors
    ZHANG Yue,WANG Hui-shan,LUO Qian,ZHANG Li-jin,WANG Shuo,YAO Li-ming
    2012, 20(6):  507-509. 
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    【Objective】 To find out the status of in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding in urban areas of China,and explore the influence factors to in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding. 【Methods】 1 288 data were collected in 32 maternity and children health care hospitals of provincial and municipal levels.The breastfeeding status within 24 hours were recalled.The associations between in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding with socio-demographic variables,pregnant and puerperal factors and hospital related factors were explored by Chi-square analyses and binary Logistic regression analyses. 【Results】 The rate of in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding was 46.6%.Logistic regression showed that high education level,high family income were negative effects to in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding;sucking breast within 30 minutes after-born,breastfeeding during the first day and without feeding sugar water were positive effects to in-hospital exclusive breastfeeding. 【Conclusion】 Actively carrying out baby-friendly hospital implementation,promoting breastfeeding of focus person,will promote breastfeeding success.
    Study of auditory sensory memory in normal preschool children
    GAO Yan,HONG Qi ,LUO Xiao-xing,JIANG Tao-tao,XU Hui-lian,YAO Xiao-fang,JIN Yan,ZHUO Xiu-hui
    2012, 20(6):  510-513. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the auditory sensory memory function of normal preschool children with auditory event-related potential. 【Methods】 The mismatch negativity(MMN)was obtained in preschool children ages ranged from 30 to 72 months in an oddball paradigm.Stimulus consisted of 1 000 Hz tones with 85% probability as standard and 1 200 Hz with 15% probability as deviant. 【Results】 Pure tones elicited a strong MMN(peaking at about 170~175 ms)and a late discrimination negativity(peaking at about 450~500 ms)after stimulus onset mainly in the frontocentral area.There was no significant difference between the right and left hemisphere in the mean amplitude of 100 to 250 ms time-window. 【Conclusions】 The MMN and late discrimination negativity are developmentally quite stable in preschool children.There are probably difference in auditory sensory memory processing between male and female preschool children.
    Effects on gastrointestinal peristalsis of mice by curcumin gavage in different time and dose
    GUO Zhi-li,LI Hong-jing,YU Xiao-ling
    2012, 20(6):  514-515. 
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    【Objective】 To study the effects on promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis by curcumin lavage in different time and dose and to find out the optimal time and dose of curcumin. 【Methods】 Male mice were randomly divided into next groups:control group,atropine group and curcumin 1,5,10,15 day groups.Curcumin [200 mg/(kg·d)] was administrated by gastric lavage daily.In different concentration group,the mice were divided into 100,200,300 mg and 400 mg groups.Curcumin was administrated by gastric lavage daily for 10 days.The gastric residiual rate and the motional rate of small intestine were detected using the ink lavage method. 【Results】 In atropine group,the gastric residiual rate was increased and the motional rate of small intestine was decreased obviously.There were no significant improves in curcumin 1 days and 5 days groups.While in curcumin 10 days and 15 days groups,the gastric residiual rate was decreased and the motional rate of small intestine was increased significantly.There was no obvious difference in 10 days and 15 days groups.Curcumin (100~400 mg/kg) decreased gastric residiual rate and increased the motional rate of small intestine significantly.There was no different effects in different concentration of curcumin. 【Conclusion】 Curcumin [200 mg/(kg·d),10 days] can significantly improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis decreased by atropine in mice.
    Investigation of 1 092 preschool children's amblyopia and strabismus
    CHEN Ji,BAI Jing,YU Jia-jia,LIU Hu,DING Hui
    2012, 20(6):  530-532. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the current situation of 1 092 preschool children's visual acuity and the prevalence of amblyopia and strabismus,and to provide informations for the prevention and treatment. 【Methods】 A sample of 1 902 chidren (2 804 eyes,4 to 6 years old) selected randomly who were underwent eye examination,including distant visual acuity(VA),best corrected VA(BCVA),ocular alignment,cover test and ocular motility evaluation.Retinoscopy was performed for children with subnormal visual situation to exclude the eye structure disease. 【Result】 Of 1 902 effective examinations,the prevalence of amblyopia and strabismus was 1.8%,2.2% respectively. 【Conclusion】 Strabismus and amblyopia are the frequent causes of visual impairment among preschool children.The results of the study emphasize the needs for early prevention and adequate diagnostic eye care services for preschool children.
    Diagnostic value of video-electroencephalogram in classifying seizure types of children with epileptic seizure
    LI Dan,YANG Lin,HUANG Shao-ping,HE Juan,WANG Li-qun
    2012, 20(6):  532-534. 
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    【Objective】 To explore the value of video-electroencephalogram(long-term video-VEEG)in diagnosis of epilepsy in childhood. 【Method】 98 children diagnosed or suspected to be epilepsy were monitored with video-EEG instrument for 12~18 hours under the state of awaking and sleeping. 【Results】 The positive rate of epileptiform discharges in patients with epilepsy was 91.8%(90/98),44 seizures(44.9%,44/98) were recorded.52 of them were diagnosed as generalized seizures (53.1%,52/98),43 of them were partial seizures (43.9%,43/98) and 3 of them were non-classified(3.0%,3/98) seizures according to clinical symptomatology before long-term video-EEG monitoring.However,32 of them were diagnosed as generalized seizures(32.7%,32/98),31 of them were partial seizures(61.2%,60/98) and 4 of them were non-classified(2.0%,2/98) seizures according to ictal or interictal VEEG monitoring.58 of their epileptic seizure types were consistent and 40 were inconsistent after VEEG monitoring. 【Conclusion】 Clinical episodes with epileptiform discharge of long-term video-EEG monitoring have significant diagnostic value in classifying seizure types of children with epileptic seizure.
    Value of fundus examination in evaluating intracranial hemorrhage in high risk infants
    ZHU Wen-hui,LIAO Rui-duan,CHEN Yong-chong,LI Yi-juan,CHEN Hui-qing
    2012, 20(6):  535-537. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the value of fundus examination in evaluating intracranial hemorrhage(ICH) in high risk infants. 【Method】 423 cases of high-risk infants,taken head CT/MRI and fundus examination before 45 weeks corrected gestational age in our hospital,were retrospective analyzed. 【Results】 122 cases of intracranial hemorrhage,202 cases of retinal hemorrhage,109 cases(53.96%) of ICH among the cases with retinal hemorrhage (RH) and 13 cases (3.0%) of ICH among the cases without RH were compared.The difference of ICH incidence had statistical significance(P<0.01).The difference of the degree of RH with and without ICH in high risk infants had statistical significance(P<0.01).ICH and RH were closely related(R=62.02,P=0.000). 【Conclusion】 Fundus examination could be predictive of ICH in high risk infants.
    Analysis on refraction of infants in north part of Pudong District in Shanghai
    ZHANG Li-shan,WANG Hong,LU Jia-rong,JIN Xing-ming,DUAN Ya-li,ZHANG Jin-ming
    2012, 20(6):  537-540. 
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    【Objective】 To screen the refraction of infants in north part of Pudong District and to analysis the risk factor of refraction. 【Methods】 3 920 infants of 9 month old were performed with SureSight vision screener.Meanwhile the biological factors were investigated by questionnaires. 【Results】 The frequencies,average,standard deviation and reference ranges were acquired respectively.Older maternal age was risk factor for spherical lens,while high frequency of paternal smoking was risk factor for cylindrical lens. 【Conclusions】 Some biological factors may be associated with poor vision.SureSight vision screener could be used to investigate the refraction development of children,thus might be prompt in child health care clinics.
    Analysis on the effects of the subjective living-quality and the social adaptive behavior in asthmatic children
    ZHANG Ling,JIANG Zhong,XU Jing
    2012, 20(6):  540-542. 
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    【Objective】 To know the quality of life and the social of adaptive behavior in asthmatic children. 【Methods】 The subjective quality of life and the social adaptive behavior of 68 moderate or severe asthmatic children aged 7~12.5 years were measured by means of ISLQ and SAB scales in remission stage. 【Results】 The scores of subjective quality of life in asthma group were lower than that in control group(P<0.05 or <0.01).The adaptive deviation quotient of asthma group was lower than that of control group(P<0.05).Particularly social/self-direction factor was significantly lower than in control group(P<0.001). 【Conclusions】 The two parties of subjective living quality and social of adaptive behavior in asthmatic children are lower than in normal children.In order to improve the quality of life and the social adaptive behavior,the comprehensive intervention should be made according to different psychological characteristics in asthmatic children.
    Clinnical analysis of 31 cases with Turner syndrome children in Liuzhou
    ZENG Ting,LI Hong-hui,DENG Liang-qiong
    2012, 20(6):  542-544. 
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    【Objective】 To analyze the association between chromosome karyotypes of Turner syndrome and their clinic characteristics. 【Method】 Informations of 31 Turner syndrome patients were analyzed by retrospective analysis in Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital from January 2007 to November 2011. 【Results】 The main clinical features were short stature and no secondary sexual characteristics or dysplasia in the age of puberty growth period,45,X was the common types of karyotype and their uterine and ovarian had poorer gonadal development than those with other karyotypes. 【Conclusions】 The clinic symptoms are obvious in children with Turner syndrome and the chromosome examination is necessary for female children with growth retardation or dwarf.
    Analysis of birth information of 2 694 neonates
    WU Ying-li,LI Wen,LU Xian-mei
    2012, 20(6):  545-547. 
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    【Objective】 To understand the present status of newborn delivery in our hospital and difference with national newborn delivery. 【Method】 The newborns of 2010.5.1 to 2011.4.31 in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University were statistically analyzed with China neonatal collaboration network. 【Results】 1)The incidence of the preterm infant was 13.96% in neonates born in this hospital,the mortality of was 47.87%,which were higher than the national level,neonatal death were all premature infants;2)The most common precipitating factor of premature birth were pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome,followed by multifetation,premature rupture of membranes;3)Birth sex ratio was 110;4)The diseases of high risk patients consisted of preterm infants(36.13%),hyperbilirubinemia(25.21%),pneumonia(10.92%);5)Cesarean section rate was 56.20%,elective cesarean section rate was 79.60%;6)The occurrence of neonatal asphyxia rate was 4.38%. 【Conclusion】 Preconception education and prenatal testing should be strengthened to prevent the complications of pregnancy,control the indications of cesarean section and improve the birth quality.
    Longitudinal growth and serum IGF-1/IGFBP3 level in simple obese school children
    XIONG Xi,LIAO Ba-gen
    2012, 20(6):  547-550. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the longitudinal growth and serum IGF-1/IGFBP3 levels in simple obese children. 【Methods】 Height/weight data were collected in a health examination cohort from ages 7~11 years old in two primary schools in Guangzhou.According to body mass index (BMI) classification references for normal weight and obesity,31 (20 boys and 11 girls) sustained simple obese (SSO) children and 42 (20 boys and 22 girls) gender and mid-parental height-matched sustained normal weight (SNW) children were screened to analyze the longitudinal changes of height from 7 to 11 years old and to determine the fast serum IGF-1/IGFBP3 levels at 11 years old. 【Results】 The height was taller in SSO boys than in matched SNW boys at each corresponding age,and basal IGF-1/IGFBP3 levels were also higher in SSO boys than in matched SNW boys at 11 years old (P<0.05).There was no significant difference in height between SSO and matched SNW girls,nor did in basal IGF-1/IGFBP3 between SSO girls and matched SNW girls at 11 years old. 【Conclusion】 Simple obese prepubertal or pubertal children have normal linear growth or accelerated linear growth with normal or increased basal serum IGF-1/IGFBP3 levels correspondingly.
    Multi-center research and analysis of children with acute of lower respiratory tract infection and pneumonia,mycoplasma etiology in Baoji
    WEI Sheng-yun,TANG Shu-bin,LI Wu-jun,LIU Ning-xia,LI Wen-jun,MEI Gui-qiao
    2012, 20(6):  550-552. 
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    【Objective】 To understand of the compositional characteristics the pathogenic virus and Mycoplasma pneumoniae in acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI) children in Baoji. 【Method】 From five hospitals in Baoji City,August 2010-July 2011,7 979 cases of ALRI were collected in children hospitalized with virus and Mycoplasma pneumoniae pathogen test results for meta-analysis. 【Results】 The 7 kinds of serum acute virus IgM antibody positive rate was 32.7% in ALRI children;The positive rate were:EB virus capsid antigen antibody anti-IgM 7.6%,coxsackie virus antibody IgM 7.2%,CMV antibody IgM 5.5%,echovirus antibody IgM 5.1%,parainfluenza virus antibody IgM 4.1%,adenovirus antibody IgM 2%,respiratory syncytial virus antibody IgM 1.2%,mycoplasma pneumoniae antibody IgM positive rate 12.6%.The pathogenic nucleic acid (PCR-fluorescent probe) positive rate of lower respiratory tract secretions were:EB virus DNA 24.4%,enteric virus(ordinary type) RNA 10.7%,RSV RNA 4.3%,Coxsackie virus A16 3.8%;Mycoplasma pneumoniae nucleic acid quantitation positive rate was 11.7%.The most common clinical EBV mixed infection was with MP. 【Conclusions】 The etiology of ALRI in children shows differences in the distribution of population,area and season,year,etc.EBV and Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children with ALRI in Baoji were important pathogen.Multi-method,multi-joint detection of pathogens should be carried out.
    Conductive education combined with acupuncture for mental retardation in preschool children
    ZHANG Jing,HUANG Ren-xiu,HU Yi-jia,TAN Jie,ZHOU Man-xiang
    2012, 20(6):  553-555. 
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    【Objective】 To explore the effective clinical treatment of preschool children with mental retardation,and to observe the effect of the treatment combined of conductive education and acupuncture on intellectual development in preschool children with mental retardation. 【Methods】 Sixty preschool children with mental retardation were randomly divided into two groups (n=30 cases in every group).The cases with chromosomal and genetic metabolic diseases and serious complications had been excluded.In control group,the children were assigned to receive family training at home,such as sensory integration,living skills and social adaptation ability training.In treatment group,the children were received family training and a comprehensive rehabilitation treatment of conductive education combined with acupuncture.And the intelligence of all children were determined both at before and three months after intervention. 【Results】 The total efficiency was 96.66% in treatment group and 73.33% in control group.After the intervention,the IQ in treatment group was significantly higher than that in control group(P<0.05).And the IQ difference between before and after intervention was significantly higher than that in control group(P<0.01). 【Conclusion】 Conductive education combined with acupuncture is an effective treatment at intellectual development and elevation in preschool children with mental retardation,which worthy of clinical application.
    Influence of environmental factors on chronic cough in children
    HUANG Sheng-rong
    2012, 20(6):  562-564. 
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    【Objective】 To analyze the environmental factors that might affect chronic cough in children,especially those living environment for the etiology of chronic cough in children and to provide intervention clues. 【Methods】 October 2006~April 2011,3~14 years children diagrosed chronic cough(observer group 102 cases,control group of 143 cases),basic materials included respiratory infections family tobacco exposure,an allergy per capita dwelling space,indoor decoration and indoor pets,planting flowers were collected to analyze. 【Results】 After the intervention,children cough frequency changes had taken place,observer group decreased significantly,with were differences obvious of two group (χ2=13.05,P<0.01).Logistic regression analysis showed:respiratory infection family of tobacco exposure,indoor decoration too,indoor pets as the major factors influencing chronic cough in children. 【Conclusion】 For children with chronic cough,we should increase the prevention of respiratory tract infection,avoid indoor tobacco exposure,control room excessive decoration and indoor pets sparingly.
    Preparation before critical neonatal transport
    FU Xiao-hui,WANG Tian-cheng,WANG Lei
    2012, 20(6):  566-568. 
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    【Objective】 To discuss the preparation before transport in regional critical neonatal emergency transport system (NETS) in Shangdi Hospital. 【Method】 The preparation before transport,prognosis and diagnose were reviewed of critical neonates transfered to regional medical center from Shangdi Hospital in 2008-2010. 【Result】 All critical neonates were transported successfully. 【Conclusions】 NETS is an important way to reduce mortality rate and improve prognosis of critical neonates.
    Analysis of the relationship of normal visual acuity and refractive status between children 5~6 years old
    DONG Jun-mei,LI Li-hong,LI Na,KANG Ying-hong,JIANG Yi,TANG Ying,LU Jun
    2012, 20(6):  569-570. 
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    【Objective】 To know the relationship between visual acuity and refractive status of the children 5~6 years old and to provide the basis for the prevention and treatment of children's vision. 【Method】 Outpatient 5~6 year-old optometry 100 cases with normal vision (≥1.0) children 119 cycloplegic refraction results were analyzed. 【Results】 The children 5~6 years old who checked visual examination was normal (≥1.0) 119 refractive status,mild astigmatism proportion was 44.54%,the right eye and left eye were 15.97% and 28.57%;followed by mild hyperopia proportion of 35.30%,the right eye and left eye were 19.33% and 15.97%;moderate hypermetropia and significant astigmatism was 13.44% and 4.20% the right eye and left eye were 1.68% and 2.52%,significantly astigmatism was 9.24%,the right eye and left eye were 5.04% and 4.20%;myopia was 4.20%,right eye and left eye were 0.84% and 3.36%,emmetropia (3/119) of eyes with refractive errors (116/119),Refractive error eye was significantly higher than emmetropia(χ2 = 210.824,P=0.000). 【Conclusion】 The normal vision is not equal to the refractive in normal growth and development of children's distance vision.
    Investigation and analysis of interlaboratory quality survey for 17-OHP in newborn screening of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
    WANG Wei,ZHONG Kun,HE Fa-lin,JIANG Yu,ZHANG Yan,WANG Zhi-guo
    2012, 20(6):  573-575. 
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    【Objective】 To investigate the test capability of 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP) for newborn screening laboratories. 【Methods】 5 lots of 17-OHP quality control material (dry blood filter paper) had been sent to 38 newborn screening laboratories and the feedback information included:measurement values,diagnostic results (positive-negative),resources and information of cut off value.After statistic analysis,test capabilities of every attended laboratory were evaluated. 【Results】 The valid feedback rate was 81.6% (31/38) and stratified study indicated that 26 laboratories used time-resolved immunofluorescence assay.The ranges of the Coefficient of variations (CVs) and robust CVs for all the 5 lots were from 13.57% to 25.83% and 15.99% to 24.65% respectively; the total acceptable rate of diagnostic results (positive-negative) and measurement values (nmol/L in whole blood) were 90.3% and 83.9%,respectively.The cut off value for most laboratories in this study was 30 nmol/L in whole blood meanwhile 64.5% of the resource of reference value was from reagent manufacturer `s instructions. 【Conclusions】 Because of the large CVs and low pass rate by conducting 17-OHP external quality assessment program in China,the test capability of newborn screening laboratories could be improved and the incidence of children with disabilities would be decreased.